“Employee demand to bring Macs and iPhones to work is leading businesses to consider making the switch to Apple,” Tariq Saied, Enterprise Services Director at Jigsaw24, writes for ITProPortal. “Decisions around the technology used within an organization have traditionally been the domain of the IT department. Today, however, growing trends for BYOD and consumerization have led to employees exercising a greater degree of choice around the technology they use in the workplace. And in many cases, they are choosing Apple over any alternative; in a recent survey, three-quarters of enterprise users said that, given the option, they would choose to use Macs and iPhones.”

“Recent advances in computing and connectivity mean many of us are now going to work with better technology in our pockets than on our office desktops. iOS is by far the most popular platform for carrying out mobile activities in the workplace, and three-quarters of the next generation of workers currently claim to use an iPhone. Indeed, many up and coming CIOs and CXOs tend to be Apple fans,” Saied writes. “This perception, along with the company’s campaign slogan that ‘it just works,’ goes some way to explain why Apple is rapidly becoming the business technology of choice.”

“Apple devices tend to be perceived as expensive purchases, but if purchased on a lease, or on a Device as a Service (DaaS) basis, the considerable residual value of a Mac will deliver a much higher return on investment on the total cost of ownership than a similarly configured Windows PC,” Saied writes. “Indeed, PCs have been found by some companies to be up to three times as expensive as a Mac equivalent over the course of a four-year lifespan.”

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