The rise of Apple in the enterprise: Employees demand to bring Macs and iPhones to work

“Employee demand to bring Macs and iPhones to work is leading businesses to consider making the switch to Apple,” Tariq Saied, Enterprise Services Director at Jigsaw24, writes for ITProPortal. “Decisions around the technology used within an organization have traditionally been the domain of the IT department. Today, however, growing trends for BYOD and consumerization have led to employees exercising a greater degree of choice around the technology they use in the workplace. And in many cases, they are choosing Apple over any alternative; in a recent survey, three-quarters of enterprise users said that, given the option, they would choose to use Macs and iPhones.”

“Recent advances in computing and connectivity mean many of us are now going to work with better technology in our pockets than on our office desktops. iOS is by far the most popular platform for carrying out mobile activities in the workplace, and three-quarters of the next generation of workers currently claim to use an iPhone. Indeed, many up and coming CIOs and CXOs tend to be Apple fans,” Saied writes. “This perception, along with the company’s campaign slogan that ‘it just works,’ goes some way to explain why Apple is rapidly becoming the business technology of choice.”

“Apple devices tend to be perceived as expensive purchases, but if purchased on a lease, or on a Device as a Service (DaaS) basis, the considerable residual value of a Mac will deliver a much higher return on investment on the total cost of ownership than a similarly configured Windows PC,” Saied writes. “Indeed, PCs have been found by some companies to be up to three times as expensive as a Mac equivalent over the course of a four-year lifespan.”

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  1. Well, there is less exposure to Macs at the educational level. Most has nothing to do with Apple rather budget cuts. Over the years college budgets have slashed to the point that these institutions have little option but to go PC or stay with 10 year old equipment.

    Public colleges and universities are replacing Mac with PC’s simply becasue there is only so much money to spend.

  2. I’m seeing more and more MacBooks when I visit various companies for customer training.

    It used to be that you had to update a laptop every two years or so. Now I’m using a late 2013 MBP and it is in great shape. Apple MacBooks are a bargain when you consider the life of the gadget.

  3. I recently retired from 39 years at a major defense contractor. There are no – none – zero – Apple computers in use at my old facility for two reasons:

    Any computer in the facility cannot have a built-in camera. Period. Turning the camera off isn’t good enough.

    All computers at my old facility have built-in smart badge readers. It’s part of the required spec. A separate USB reader is not acceptable.

    These are absolutes. Dell builds them this way, Apple won’t.

    1. I work at a major defense contractor. We have about 50 Macs in the environment, most of which are used by software developers. As tekriter pointed out, no Macs are used in areas where classified information is processed. Cameras and microphones are a no-no. Since all DoD contractors are required to use a multi-facator authentication for log on, my particular company did go with external USB card readers. Yes, the Mac folks are not thrilled but it works. The real push is for VDI. You can use whatever hardware you like, but you are still stuck with a Windows based VDI session. I love the sell for BYOD but I get yelled at when I mention that users are still stuck with Windows for their work session.

  4. You, sir, successfully escaped Dell Hell. Thank you for your contractor service to Microsoft at work where you have helped to “keep us safe” by using MS products. Sounds like you used Apple products at home.

  5. As a guy that supports many med-large enterprise clients, I can state that Mac use (and iOS) is going nowhere buy up up up.

    And what helps is many of these places have high-ranking people who want to use Macs. In fact, that is often the reason that  products get a foot in the door.

    My only problem is that so many companies are outsourcing support to India and Costa Rica, that these good gigs in the US are dwindling. You can’t seem to win with that, but for now, it is true, Macs and iOS are making a good leap into the enterprise.

    1. I don’t believe anyone would quit or not accept a job because of Microsoft Windows; it is the prevalent platform in the business world. My comment was that I don’t like typical smoke and mirrors of management about BYOD. As much as I prefer my Apple products at home, supporting Microsoft products is fantastic – it takes lots of people and time to manage which equals employment…..

  6. As I have posted earlier my company switched from Macs to PCs five years ago. But they also switched from Android to standard issue iPhones for executives. So yes, MS certified IT can walk and chew gum at the same time …

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