Poor news curation at Bloomberg, CNBC, Reuters created misleading iPhone supply chain panic

“The lazy high of Supply Chain crack is hard for journalists to kick,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for Roughly Drafted.

“Troubles at component producers in Apple’s supply chain have once again been cited as evidence that iPhone demand must be weaker than expected,” Dilger writes. “This was very wrong last year, and every year for at least the last five generations of iPhones. In fact, it was five years ago that Benedict Evans tweeted, ‘after the past couple of years, people really ought to have learned that supply chain production volume rumours for iPhones are worthless.'”

“Today’s stories surrounding these five iPhone suppliers may sound like solid reporting work. But to many, it also sounded like solid journalism when Bloomberg confidently announced earlier this year in April that slowing growth at Samsung’s OLED-making Display Panel unit clearly meant that iPhone X was in big trouble, because Samsung was Apple’s sole supplier for its displays,” Dilger writes. “That was just part of the “bad news for Apple” that Bloomberg was “piling up” earlier this year regarding iPhone X. It all turned out to be fantastically wrong.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take:

Don’t hate the manipulators, profit from them.MacDailyNews, November 10, 2018

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  1. Whether it’s politics, religion, science, economics or tech, the modern news media is a cesspool of ignorance, incompetence and bias. The last of these – bias – probably makes up over 50% of the cesspool.. It should surprise nobody that they miss report stories on Apple. Why should Apple be the exeception?

  2. Profit? LOL. LMFAO. AAPL is getting absolutely b!tchslapped yet again this week! Remember when AAPL hit $232 a share? Those days are loooooong gone. All lower support has fallen away and AAPL is now in serious free fall. Share are down -20% and continuing to fall.

    All thanks to Pipeline and his insipid leadership. I am sure that Eddie Cue and all the other yes men/women sycophants are back slapping Pipeline daily as the share price craters.

  3. Bloomberg and CNBC are wonderful in bashing Apple as long as I can remember. following by other major websites publishing the same narrative. rinse and repeat same stories every days, months and years. Journalists are lazy to researching on facts, it is much easier for them to copy and pasted from others. Apple’s investors are not strange to this manipulation, they’ve been to this narrative many times.

  4. If this is the case, how come I could only get the iPhone XS I wanted in Space Gray? None of this is making sense, save to manipulate stock.

    The cover for analysts and media pundits alike is Apple isn’t reporting numbers, so even if Apple smashes earnings they’ll claim apple just made big margin but only sold 6 iPhones this quarter.

    Loosers all of them.

  5. here I post this again as I’ve done numerous times over years when the stock gets irrationality pushed down, food for thought.

    Old video shows a younger Cramer former Hedge Manager discussing about how to manipulate Apple.

    Watch the whole thing but he discusses aapl specifically around 3.30.

  6. With stories like this, I suspect if you follow the money, it will make more sense. Traders and analysts make money when stock prices move – one way or another, matters little to the larger players. This quarter the movement is down. Next quarter it may be up. And retail investors that are not long term, pay for this roller coaster, over and over again.

  7. It’s odd how so many will accept news ‘reporting’ can be biased and fake about Apple in order to sell print, sway people’s buying habits towards higher paying sponsors and/or to influence stock, yet when told this is EXACTLY the same thing happening with political reporting we get a resounding “freedom of the press is being undermined” from anyone who gains from such deception.

    Well which is it??

    1. Don’t go making sense… the left is fueled on absurdity.

      Although I’d suggest that there is an agenda with politics, and just regular old journalistic laziness and incompetence concerning Apple.

    2. You beat me to it, my sentiments exactly. Some see bias immediately when it comes to Apple, yet the same media is credible and pure as the wind driven snow when it comes to politics…

  8. So funny that they say they cut orders for al 3 iPhones but nobody knows how many Apple ordered in the first place – I think Apple is still above their guidance but we will never know since we will not see numbers anymore.

    1. I’m glad we won’t see numbers anymore. Analysts have grown too fixated on them, as these latest “news” stories show. If Apple’s services revenue continue to grow, so will its overall revenue, which is the number that really matters. Maybe analysts can start to focus on that number and not just on iPhones.

      1. The solution to inadequate data & transparency is NOT less data & transparency. Apple just opened itself up to more rumor mongering & manipulation.

        Cook needs to resign before he screws up something else. If it wasn’t for the torrent of App store proceeds covering up the gross mismanagement and ineptitude everywhere else ar Apple, Cook would have been on unemployment assistance long ago. He needs to follow his trye calling as a social justice warrior. Let someone with a clue run Apple

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