Apple appoints Nokia veteran Ashish Chowdhary to lead India operations

“In a fillip to Apple CEO Tim Cook’s big future plans for the Indian market, Apple has appointed Ashish Chowdhary, Chief Customer Operations Officer at Nokia Networks, as its India operation head,” IANS reports citing “reliable industry sources.”

“Chowdhary will join as Apple India head from January next year, the sources confirmed,” IANS reports. “The decision to hire Chowdhary is a testament to the fact that Apple is aiming for a really long-term growth in a price-sensitive market where Apple is an aspirational brand and usually bought by those who have high spending power or can go for older generation phones for affordability.”

“According to industry sources, Apple has roped in Chowdhary — who has a sound global as well as local knowledge of the industry — to get a bigger slice of a market that has nearly 450 million users and is one of the fastest growing, after China and the US,” IANS reports. “Apple India is currently under Michel Coulomb who took over from Sanjay Kaul in December last year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: May Mr. Chowdhary hit the ground running for Apple in India!

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  1. Apple killed the entry level SE and without a low priced iPhone, anathema to over charging Cook, no one will convince the masses in India, China and others to overspend on Apple. We shall see where this goes but at the back of my mind it might not go well…

    1. The original Iphone SE was released in March 2016. Hopefully the SE2 will be released in March 2019 with the current XR edge to edge screen treatment and 5G internet radio. Probably the basic iPad (non Pro Ipad) that currently has the home button will also get an update at the same time. Lets hope for the best

      1. I agree timing for Cook (certainly more so anyway) is all about squeezing more money even when short sightedly in my opinion it hits your present market share. To him he doesn’t want to invest in whatever replaces the SE until it’s prospective users are desperate of an upgrade but have stubbornly resisted buying the expensive phones he would prefer they did. He has done it with the Mac and iPad range persistently as well he really is a one trick pony sadly. Whether a new ‘SE’ will happen in 2019 I don’t know, I guess the India type market will be a strong influence there because the rest of us have a lot of squeezing capacity left for him to ring out first I reckon. He works like an accountant on numbers without any real regard for good will which can’t be valued…. until after your customers move on and it’s all rather too late. My only hope longer term is that when services become the dominant profit generator then it will pay two fold to sell more devices to exploit that service in one and their actual price and immediate profit margin less crucial in the calculator that is his brain. If he can think that laterally of course.

      2. Guess you missed several of my previous posts.

        I bought the SE on day one March 31, 2016 fully loaded, from Apple unlocked and shipped from China. Tracking delivery online was cool.

        Fingers crossed you are right…

  2. India is the worst country for Apple to be in, it should stay out of India. Instead of wasting resources and money, Apple should use the money to give genuine Apple users some discounts and gifts. Also with the 1 billion people markey India should develop is own home made OS to rival Ios, OSX, Microsoft, Android, X Box, Play station etc. Indians boast of being tech savvy, let them now walk the walk. India is very overrated and the PRO Indians every where are a bunch of Star Spangled, Gold Plates, Tripple decked LIARS

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