Performance shootout: Apple’s new 11-inch iPad Pro vs. 2017’s 10.5-inch iPad Pro

“The new 2018 iPad Pro is a marvel of engineering, with a brilliant new design and a chip so powerful that it gives even the most premium laptops a run for their money,” Vadim Yuryev reports for AppleInsider.

“Since both 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pros are equipped with the same A12X Bionic chip, we’re going to use the 11-inch model for this test,” Yuryev reports. “We’re also not using the 1TB of storage model that packs 6GB of RAM instead of the usual 4GB, but we acknowledge that if you’ve got over $1,500 to spend on the most expensive model, you can expect a little bit better performance overall.”

“Overall, we’re extremely pleased with the performance of the new iPad Pro. We’re seeing the equivalent of high-end desktop-level performance in a tablet that’s only 5.9mm thick,” Yuryev reports. “These kind of numbers have reignited speculation that Apple is aiming to implement its custom designed ARM processors into the Mac lineup sometime in the near future.”

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MacDailyNews Take: No contest.

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  1. This is really impressive!

    Pity it doesn’t run any of the main software I use Or allow me to control that software from a MIDI keyboard at gigs. Or have a nice big monitor like what I need. Or have any of the connectors I use. Or have a built-in keyboard that includes a numeric keypad and enables me to type by feel. Yeah, pity…

  2. Increadible!

    Tim and Team… please Give us iOS-Pro.. with a roubust, comprehensive core file management system and unrestricted usb-c IO..

    This thing will an absolute dynamite with Pro level OS.

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