Whip yourself into shape by using this Apple Watch feature to compete against friends and family

“The Apple Watch is already one of my favorite tech products — I wear one every day — and I recently started using a feature that’s made it even more fun: Activity Sharing,” Todd Haselton reports for CNBC. “It’s even helping me move more throughout the day.”

“You probably already use the Activity app on your Apple Watch. It’s the app where you try to close all of the colored rings,” Haselton reports. “When you close the red ring you’ve met your daily calorie burn goal. When you close the green ring you’ve exercised for 30 minutes, and when you close the blue ring you’ve stood up once an hour throughout the day.”

“Activity can be a whole lot more fun if you compete with people,” Haselton reports. “It’s a feature that I only learned about recently. You can share your progress as you close the rings throughout the day, and see how close your friends are to doing the same thing. It pushes you to move more. You can see when friends finish workouts, when they earn awards for working out multiple days in a row and even smack talk with them.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s definitely good extra motivation, but, alas, not everyone has an Apple Watch, yet.


Along with Apple Watches on our left wrists, we wear simple Fitbit trackers (Fitbit Flex 2 bands) on our right wrists because we like to compete with our friends who wear Fitbits.

If we could find an Apple Watch band with a holder for our Fitbit Flex 2 units, we could stop wearing those Fitbit bands on our right wrists. (Hello, enterprising Apple Watch band-makers?!)

If an Apple Watch app existed that displayed our Fitbit steps, we’d be all set with Flex 2 units in our Apple Watch bands and the data displayed on Apple Watch’s display. (Fitbit’s app unsurprisingly does not offer an Apple Watch component.) Of course, even better would be for Fitbit to recognize Apple Watch steps and allow users to incorporate them into the Fitbit data, including allowing that step data to count in challenges (even though our Fitbit steps never match our Apple Watch steps). Yes, we know that will never a happen (unless Apple bought Fitbit for their user base, legacy data, and social network).

Lastly, we do understand that if Fitbit allowed the Apple Watch to display Fitbit tracker data, everyone would immediately buy the cheapest Fitbit since their Apple Watch display is unmatched by anything Fitbit offers or plans to offer before the company folds.MacDailyNews, July 1, 2017

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