Another day, another reason to never downgrade from Apple’s iPhone to Android

“Android is the world’s most popular mobile platform by a landslide, and it has made great strides over the years where user experience is concerned. Android P in particular is a huge update, and what I’ve seen so far looks quite impressive,” Zach Epstein writes for BGR. “But there are still so many important ways that iOS and the iPhone offer a vastly superior experience, and yet another serious Android problem reemerged this week to remind me once again that I’m sticking with Apple’s iPhone for the long haul.”

“At the highest level, I continue to choose iOS over Android because I find the overall quality of the iPhone user experience to be immeasurably better than Android. Apple’s iPhone hardware is in a league of its own. Of that, there is no question,” Epstein writes. “The majority of Android phone makers don’t even bother to design their own phones anymore, they just blatantly copy Apple’s iPhone designs instead… On the software side of things, Apple still has a number of big advantages. The all-important app experience and third-party app ecosystem are also check marks in the iPhone column. The user experience with iOS is so much simpler, smoother, and more consistent than it is on Android.”

“A new post on Symantec’s Threat Intelligence blog sheds light on something that should be very troubling to Android users. The idea of malware sneaking through Google’s lax app store policies is nothing new, but Symantec found something particularly troubling. Multiple apps that have previously been identified as malware and removed from the Google Play store managed to find their way back to Google’s Android app store,” Epstein writes. “What sophisticated trickery did the malicious developer in question use to get the apps back on the Play store? He or she changed the apps’ names. Seriously, that’s it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Why would anyone would choose a derivative, choppy, insecure OS that runs roughshod over your privacy on hardware that’s handicapped with dog-slow off-the-shelf chips and stuck with apps that are usually second-rate ports from iOS at their very best?

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  1. I NEVER had an Android phone and will NEVER have one. Only other smart phone i experienced is Nokia with Microsoft OS, it was a work phone. Not impressed with that, the battery life was poor and the OS was unpolished compared to Apples iOS on my then 4s. Although i have seen many people have both Apple and android phone and personally too, like not provided by workplace. All my music, books, and movie library is on iTunes, so no reason for me to go to any other OS now

  2. I have 6s plus and I plan on keeping it a while. When it comes time to replace it, I will with Apple’s latest. If for some reason I don’t have the cash at that time and if the 6s was completely dead, I’d drop back to my 5s rather then buying a cheap phone. I mean it.

  3. “Why would anyone would choose a derivative, choppy, insecure OS that runs roughshod over your privacy on hardware that’s handicapped with dog-slow off-the-shelf chips and stuck with apps that are usually second-rate ports from iOS at their very best?”

    To avoid the single OEM, lock-in, IT department. That’s why.

  4. Unfortunately, only about one person out of a ten will choose an iOS device and that amounts to almost nothing in terms of market share percentage. Nearly every consumer on the planet will always choose Android over iOS because the hardware is far less expensive. Almost no consumer is concerned about personal privacy or OS updates and loves everything about saving money and free services.

    Because Apple is only interested in profits, Android devices will never be challenged by Apple devices. Android OS is like a huge country that never has to worry about being invaded by a smaller country having superior weapons. Wall Street knows it and Apple is completely dismissed. As far as big investors are concerned, iOS is basically a dying OS with zero chance of growth. Whatever advantages there are to iOS, they’re completely lost in declining market share percentage. It would be like trying to track down a single four-leaf clover in an entire meadow of three-leaf clovers. Apple apparently doesn’t seem to care about increasing iOS market share so Android OS will always be the mass market leader of smartphone devices. Google continues to play hard for increasing Android market share percentage while Apple only plays for holding pat.

    1. This is just my opinion as Apple may be playing for a very long game that’s difficult for me to see the end move. I obviously can’t see the future and can only go by what I’m able to see in a short time period. As an Apple shareholder, I have hope that Apple is doing things covertly to take down Android, but that’s impossible for me to know.

    2. “Because Apple is only interested in profits, Android devices will never be challenged by Apple devices”

      Spoken like a genuine idiot.

      There are approximately 40. Android manufacturers worldwide. iPhone commands 86% of worldwide industry profits.

      Apple devices don’t have to challenge Android devices, they (Android) will die off from the lack of oxygen (profits).

      Please tell me where you work, if it is a publicly traded company I will be sure NOT to invest in it. With you advising management that firm is doomed.

      1. Android vs. iPhone is no different than the original PC vs. Mac. As in that original story, Apple will never worry about engaging in a “race to the bottom” with cheap crap for the masses. Apple didn’t care that there were cheaper crappy PC’s, they cared about the value and quality of the experience for those who buy Apple products.

  5. If you use Google services Android devices top iOS in how deeply those services are integrated with the OS and allow many ‘conveniences’ that are not possible since Apple doesn’t allow as deep an integration of 3rd party services into iOS. Price isn’t the only motivator as evidenced by sales of a good number of Android devices approaching Apple’s lineup pricing.

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