Publishers say Apple News growth has been significant

“Publishers say Apple News growth has been significant,” Christian Zibreg reports for iDownloadBlog.

“According to Business Insider, the service has seen some significant growth after the Cupertino technology giant gave publishers more ad sales control, with NBCUniversal now selling ads on the platform as part of its digital-media-focused Code team,” Zibreg reports. “Last fall, Apple began letting publishers implement DoubleClick, Google’s ad technology.”

“‘The awareness for Apple News is still building, for consumers and advertisers,’ said Trevor Fellows, NBCUniversal’s executive vice president, digital sales and strategy. However, ‘the traffic growth we’ve seen is really strong,’ he added,” Zibreg reports. “They’ve learned that once people start using the app, ‘they use it all the time.'”

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  1. I want Apple News on OS X as well as IOS. It doesn’t seem to be the sort of application which needs hardware solely found in IOS devices.

    IOS devices can be unsatisfactory for reading newspaper web sites because of the way that their sites are written, creating inadvertent detours to unwanted links. A computer with a mouse or touchscreen is much less likely to randomly go off to other articles. It seems illogical to read most news on a Mac but only be able to access Apple News on IOS. Equally I can’t read all my news sources on Apple News because many of those sources do not appear on Apple News.

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