“Google’s Android 7.0 is finally here! It looks smooth and makes several improvements, but does it actually matter? Most Android users won’t see this update for quite some time, as Android updates typically have a very slow adoption rate,” Kevin Fulmer writes for Seeking Alpha. “Half of Android users are running their devices on software from 2013 or earlier. Prior to 7.0, only 15.2% of users operate on the most current system, Marshmallow. ”

“On the other hand, Apple has been overwhelmingly successful in converting its users to software updates,” Fulmer writes. “As of August 15th, 87% of iOS users were on the latest iOS 9 update. Another 10% aren’t far behind and operate on iOS 8. Only 3% operate their devices on previous models.”

“Because Google has to pass through a middleman in the form of phone manufacturers, its software updates aren’t even available to many users for months after launch. As a result, five months after Marshmallow (6.0) was launched, a mere 2.3% of Android users had the update installed on their device,” Fulmer writes. “With so many people on so many outdated software models, Google has to devote significant resources towards developing updates and security patches to the outdated models. Not only does this divert resources away from growing the business and creating new technology, it’s impractical on a security standpoint.”

“This is the conclusion that Google came to. It announced in 2015 that it would no longer offer security fixes to anyone running 4.3 or earlier… This equates to 20.1% of Android users that are left to fend for themselves. Translation: 1/5 of Android devices are horrendously vulnerable to any new threats,” Fulmer writes. “Google’s problems are Apple’s catalysts… If just 4% of the fifth of users that are exposed end up switching to Apple as a result of a breach (and this would be a conservative estimate in my opinion), the result would equate to 15 million new Apple customers. Considering that Apple shipped 40 million iPhones in Q3, this would deliver a healthy increase in sales to the tech giant.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We don’t call Fragmandroid “the gift that keeps on giving” for nothing.

If it’s a poor man’s iPhone, it’s a poor man’s iPhone.

Now to be fair, this is only because Android is an inferior product peddled to cheapskate tech illiterates who do not value their privacy and/or who are unable to recognize a half-assed knockoff from the revolutionary original.

Android is a BlackBerry clone that was hastily rejiggered by Google at the last minute to mimic Apple’s revolutionary iPhone. Obviously, mistakes were made and corners were cut.

So, the Android rush-job is a privacy and security nightmare. It’s a fragmented morass. It’s too many cooks in the kitchen. It’s crap-by-committee, lowest-common-denominator junk.

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