Apple CEO Cook has remained faithful to Steve Jobs’ legacy – now, can he transcend it?

“Mr Cook became Apple’s chief executive in August 2011 in tragic and extremely difficult circumstances: just before the death of Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder and guiding genius,” The Financial Times writes. “Jobs was, as Mr Cook noted in an interview with The Washington Post, an impossible act to follow. ‘It would have been a treacherous thing if I would have tried to do it,’ he said.”

“The impossibility is clear in how Mr Cook’s first five years are sometimes seen: as a mild disappointment,” FT writes. “It is fairer to regard his tenure from another perspective: Apple has not only remained steady but has flourished and Mr Cook has kept its senior talent largely in place.

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook
Unlike others who have succeeded charismatic and forceful founders, including John Sculley when Apple forced out Jobs in the mid-1980s, he has stopped it veering off track and managed to develop and broaden its product line.”

“But this was Mr Cook’s first act. To achieve a decade at the helm, he must go further than exploiting the iPhone’s potential in new markets: he has to deliver an unexpected product of his own,” FT writes. “In Mr Cook’s five years in charge, he has remained faithful to Jobs’ legacy; eventually, he must transcend it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Certainly Cook is trying and will continue to try to do what he believe is best for Apple. As to whether he needs to do anything, much less “transcend Jobs’ legacy” (good luck with that), Cook likely has a better idea of what his goals need to be than The Financial Times.

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  1. Cook & Jobs didn’t go around bragging about what they were working on with new projects before the products hit the market.

    Given Apple’s R&D budget, we can bet Apple has a lot of surprises in store.

    1. The inherent secrecy in what Apple does is something the impatient ADD doofus-doomsayers miss.

      If Jobs were still alive there would be many postulating about whether Jobs still had it or not, especially in these social media daze where every trenchant troll, like homophobe Mighty Mouth Mac, has an unfortunate bilious voice. They want their teardown cake and eat it too, until they look like until complete imbeciles when something new does arrive. Well until it builds up again like Old Faithful.

  2. For someone who sees no reason to “buy anything from the horrible new company that this incompetent inherited and systematically screwed up,” you sure expend a lot of time and energy reading and commenting at MDN. Why don’t you leave MDN and move over to Android Central?

  3. This time and apples history feels a lot like the period between 2003 and 2007. The iPod was mature and dominant, but there was no next product. I remember saying to a friend, “now is a great time to invest in Apple. They have tons of money coming in and many of the smartest mines in the world. You know they’re going to come out with something incredible.”


  4. Ship a proper Mac Pro that takes internal storage, cards and is memory upgradeable without special tools. Something Media Pros, Engineers, Scientists, Architects, Artists, Doctors (Radiologists, for example) and uber Geeks would appreciate.

    The Mac Pro user does not want a sealed box with a snake pit of cables and wall warts going all over the place. We also do not prefer to spend a King’s ransom on a Promise RAID box. The Tower form exists because some of us prefer and need it. Some of us need something beyond a laptop motherboard grafted on a monitor (iMac) or a laptop motherboard in a sealed box (Mac mini) or a sealed up laptop with a weak CPU and GPU.

    Apple has more money than gawd and more than enough engineers to design a proper Pro Tower. We would settle for an updated Cheese Grater Design with state of the art CPU/System Bus/Connectivity/Graphics Cards. Tell Jony Ive to leave it the fuck alone- we do not care about how thin it is or how perfect the lines are and we do not want it sealed up like throwaway junk.

    Ship us a proper Mac and we will stop bitching for a season.

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