How did analysts and pundits got the iPhone X ‘panic’ story so very, very wrong?

“This year the scuttlebutt from industry sources was that the iPhone X was a flop, and that Apple’s status in the Chinese phone market was shaky,” Jason Snell writes for Tom’s Guide. “With the release of Apple’s quarterly results on Tuesday, though, Apple and the iPhone are still riding high.”

“Fears of the iPhone X having weak sales were stoked by reports that Apple had cut its orders of components that it uses in the iPhone X,” Snell writes. “But Apple said that the iPhone X remained the top selling iPhone in its product line for every single week of the March quarter, and while sales were up slightly, revenue was up quite a bit.”

“There was also quite a bit of speculation that, given the difficulties in the Chinese smartphone market lately, with slowing sales and increased competition, the iPhone X might be in for a rocky ride,” Snell writes. “Apple’s quarter was strong in China, up 21 percent in revenue, and the top three smartphone models in China last quarter were iPhones — the iPhone X, presumably followed by the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Apple’s good quarter in China didn’t stop with the iPhone; services and wearables grew at a fast pace, and the Mac’s share of the Chinese PC market grew as well.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Feigned or genuine ignorance? Well, since it happens so often, either the analysts and pundits are incapable of learning anything from a simple repeating pattern or it’s a ruse.

AAPL is like a buoy. Quick, it’s back on the surface! You there, analyst, and you, too, swim down and tug on the chain! Drag it under… lower, lower… Good! Now, quick, everybody jump on, and we’ll take a ride back up to the top again!MacDailyNews, January 9, 2012

At the most basic level, it’s extremely simple: Pump, then dump. Foment, then buy. Rinse, lather, repeat as the SEC sleeps.MacDailyNews, April 26, 2012

In what has become the Nikkei’s annual shocker: Apple is decreasing production in the quarter after Christmas. Cue the horror!

Everything in this Nikkei article is conjecture, estimates, and FUD.

This report (as with many of Nikkei‘s Apple-related reports) smacks of a plant designed to depress the price of AAPL. Plain and simple. And Nikkei seems to be the preferred place to do it.

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to lose money in the stock market. History lesson below. — MacDailyNews, December 30, 2016

Profit from the painfully gullible.MacDailyNews, December 26, 2017

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    1. … Or who deliberately get their predictions wrong.

      IMHO this was just another, of many, instances of AAPL MANIPULATION. Those of us who kept an eye on the stock market, after hours on Tuesday, just before the Apple phone conference, watched AAPL jump by over 10 points! Why? Because everyone who knew the Apple Bear Bullshit was a fraud were buying cheap AAPL as fast as their computers could grab it!

      Long term AAPL watchers are used to this bullshit from fraudulent analcysts. But this instance was the single most dramatic I’ve seen yet.

      Call these scumbag analcysts: Cattle Rustlers. Except they scare the cattle away from the best pasture, then grab all the open grass for themselves. Moo moo moo. 🐄💩🐮

    2. Let’s include assorted idiots on this very website. Someone’s forecasts or posts should come with a summary or “scorecard” of their past genius calls and assorted insights.

      Might make some of them shut up for a change and listen.

      A mature person modifies their views to be consistent with reality.

      1. Yes. Plenty of haters trying to reinforce those BS stories in the comments here. They tend to grow silent when the curtain opens and the truth is revealed. But they’ll be back in a couple of days when the negative spinning starts again.

    3. The SEC ought to investigate the people who continually try to drive articles putting Apple down before the quarterly results are revealed to find out if they benefited financially from their work.

      Of course, it is likely the money went “under the table” and likely in cash.

    4. They did not get it wrong..
      They tried to manipulate the stock lower through FUD..
      They achived what they wanted..

      Feel sorry for those who fell in their trap..
      Hopefully next time around .. most will keep this lesson in mind..
      Charlatans can manipulate the short run in spurts here and there but not so easly the long run ..
      Stay in Apple for the long run.. and keep up the Due Diligence

  1. Lets have a list of these so call experts, analcysts and pundits, with their work email address provided, so we can asked them how they are feeling now. They helped Apple buy back shared at a depressed price, and Warren Buffet cleverly took advantage of the foolishness from these unethical hyenas.

  2. Those anals must be paid to drive AAPL down. It is the same gimmick everytime Apple pulls out numbers… Its been like that since iPhone release.

    Why do I know? Shareholder since 2007

      1. the guy that forecasted a very aggressive price about 5-6 years ago. A $1000/share, pre-split, he was thought of as a joker/fraud/nut. It took awhile…maybe longer than he thought, but he was proven correct.
        He’s disappeared from AAPL analysis. As I remember, he’s on to something unrelated?

        1. The earliest report I ever read of Apple _possibly_ reaching $1 trillion market cap some day was on Seeking Alpha. (I just typed a Freudian slip: Seeking Apple. Ha!) That was many, many years ago. Way before this was a gleam in anyone’s eye. However, I do not know who actually said it. The assertion was in-your-face. It was more a low key sort of call: “well, you know, if this momentum keeps going, Apple could possibly reach $1 trillion”. Dunno if anyone can confirm that.

  3. Apple is getting a nice bump from Berkshire now having AAPL as its largest stock holding and is at or close to its market high.
    It’s still 10% below the magic 1T market cap number but has at least wiped out all the downturn during that last month.
    Where APPL are concerned I do not listened to the Analysts FUD. It could be tormenting or just the typical bandwagon that is alway predicting Apple’s doom.
    For me Apple’s profitability is key. Revenue is great but if you are like Amazon when costs are almost equal to revenue it doesn’t sound like a good long term investment.

    1. At $183 today and using $192 share as “goal,” steaming ahead for 5% more to “goal.” Warren would probably reprimand me for my silly interest in reaching that benchmark. “You’re not thinking like an investor!” Ok, Warren, I’ll just focus on being invested in a great company.

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