Why Facebook’s blatant disregard for users’ privacy could be very good for Apple

“As tech companies like Facebook Inc. come under fire for their data-privacy practices, Apple Inc. has one big thing working in its favor,” Emily Bary writes for MarketWatch.

“Unlike platform-based companies that sell consumer data to marketers, Apple guards user information more tightly and instead makes most of its money off hardware sales,” Bary writes. “That may not always be as profitable as monetizing user info, but it could represent a key ‘competitive advantage,’ according to UBS analyst Steven Milunovich, as Facebook and others draw further scrutiny from regulators.”

“Because those who buy Apple products pay premium prices for the hardware, Apple might not feel as much pressure to monetize information like Alphabet Inc.’s rival Android mobile operating system,” Bary writes. “Milunovich still sees room for Apple to create its own platform business by following its own rules. Earlier this year, the company announced that a forthcoming iOS update would make it easier for users to import their medical records from health-care providers and house this information on their iPhones. ‘Health appears to be an opportunity where Apple’s privacy stance could matter,’ Milunovich wrote… At the very least, easy access to new information and a reputation for keeping that information secure could become incremental selling points for joining the company’s ecosystem.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Until we see everyday people wake up about privacy, we’ll continue to believe that Apple is serving a niche market of those relative few who recognize the need for and desire the type of stringent privacy protections that Apple offers (outside of China).

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    1. “private encrypted social network service”
      OHHH, a private and encrypted way to freely share all of your personal information! Once you include the term “social network” you are, by DEFAULT indicating that you don’t care about privacy becase you EXPECT to share PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION with others.

  1. Can someone explain why Facebook, Google, and Twitter continue to be baked into the iOS preferences pane? Everyone claims Apple cares about your security, then they provide a handy way for you to eliminate all security from your phone with a few clicks. Dumb.

    1. Yes, anyone who does so IS dumb. Social networks are all about decreasing your level of privacy and security, however many want to do so for whatever reason. For those less than intelligent folks, Apple provides the gun and the bullet. All they have to do is aim the barrel and pull the trigger.

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