Mobile gaming is having a moment and Apple’s in the driver’s seat

“This week, the 2018 Game Developer’s Conference is going on and there’s a bunch of news coverage about various aspects of the show,” Matthew Panzarino writes for TechCrunch. “But the absolute biggest story of the event wasn’t even at the event. It was the launch of Fortnite and, shortly thereafter, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on mobile devices. Specifically, both were launched on iOS and PUBG hit Android simultaneously.”

“The launch of Fortnite, especially, resonates across the larger gaming spectrum in several unique ways. It’s the full and complete game as present on consoles, it’s iOS-first and it supports cross-platform play with console and PC players,” Panzarino writes. “This has, essentially, never happened before. There have been stabs at one or more of those conditions on experimental levels but it really marks a watershed in the games industry that could serve to change the psychology around the platform discussion in major ways.”

“Alto’s Odyssey is the followup to Snowman’s 2015 endless boarder Alto’s Adventure. If you look at these two titles, three years apart, you can see the encapsulation of the growth and maturity of gaming on iOS. The original game was fun, but the newer title is beyond fun and into a realm where you can see the form being elevated into art. And it’s happening blazingly fast,” Panzarino writes. “The fact that so many of the highest profile titles are launching on iOS first is a constant source of consternation for Android users, but it’s largely a function of addressable audience.”

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  1. “supports cross-platform play..”

    And there will be the mobile players that will whine and moan when they lose a game..crying “must be on a console..PC” etc ;). While playing Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders I’d get that after winning a dog fight..”Mac cheater”…LOL

  2. Apple in the drivers seat? What game is iOS exclusive?

    Sorry but iOS is low end mobile gaming. The best developers and the best games for serious gamers are focused on bigger screens and more immersive experiences. I guess kids have to start their addiction somewhere

    1. Eyeballs count, business 101. Yes PCs, Macs, and consoles will have better processors and graphics. However they have less and less market share. Mobile is faster evolving, a problem for consoles. MS and Sony gaming is not there money makers and could get left behind in power. The largest market for gaming is mobile, like it or not. iOS is a better platform than Android. Apple is ahead in 64bit and has Force Touch. Android fans only lie if they say it’s not important with gaming. Getting more people into a game as fast as possible is where the money is. Like it or not mobile will pay, or is paying for your larger screen experience. It is beginning to catch up with you. HD is still the what most home large screens are. UHD is growing, however a large part is not full 4K. So now mobile is on par with consoles, at least most of the market. What keeps PCs on top is testing what can be done in three years on mobile.

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