Why Apple desperately needs a new Steve Jobs

The Mac Observer‘s Bryan Chaffin writes about “how important Steve Jobs was to making Apple products insanely great.”

“He focused on the little details most people simply don’t see, don’t care about, or don’t bother to do anything about even if we do see them,” Chaffin writes. “This was always a huge part of what set Apple products off from the competition. Even if we didn’t know why they seemed so much better, the fact that they were better was inescapable.”

“In recent months, I’ve been feeling what I fear is Steve Jobs’s absence,” Chaffin writes. “From the worst security disaster in modern computing to ever-more frequent UI glitches, Apple seems to need that person who can obsess over the things the rest of us miss.”

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MacDailyNews Take: First of all, Steve Jobs is irreplaceable, but someone with vision, taste and focus is what’s required here.

The magic of Steve Jobs was vision, focus on the products from the user’s point of view, fastidious attention to detail, and next-level marketing acumen.

As we’ve been warning for many years now.

Apple is not firing on all cylinders.

The quality has been slipping for years and the mistakes, bad designs, stupid decisions, product delays and worse have been piling up. Exactly, how do you so thoroughly fsck up your top-of-the-line Macintosh by “designing yourself into a thermal corner” while trying to prove that you can “still innovate, your ass” (and failing abysmally) and not be able to deliver a replacement for going on FOUR YEARS?! Even HP and/or Dell could do it in 4 weeks. ASUS could do it on 4 days. If anyone needs a stronger indication of the existence of a problem at Apple that stems from the very top, they’re batshit delusional.

So, when you produce a $300 coffee table book with 450 painstakingly shot photographs on “specially milled German paper with gilded matte silver edges, using eight color separations and low-ghost inks” and even trumpet that it “took more than eight years to create,” but you can’t make or even bother to update the Mac Pro for over four years… Hey, you deserve every single bit of criticism and then some, if not for your horribly misplaced priorities and blatantly obvious mismanagement, then for your abject tone-deafness alone.

In other words, doing your real job first grants you the ability to screw around on some vanity projects without criticism. — MacDailyNews, May 18, 2017

This lack of focus, lack of attention to detail, lack of striving for perfection will catch up to Apple eventually if it is not arrested and corrected in time.

So – sigh – we once again present to Apple CEO Tim Cook, where the buck supposedly stops, the Trophy for Misplaced Priorities:

The Misplaced Priorities Trophy
The Misplaced Priorities Trophy
MacDailyNews, November 29, 2017

Luckily for Tim Cook, Steve Jobs left him a perpetual profit machine that can absorb pretty much any lackadaisical fsckatude that can be thrown into the spokes.MacDailyNews, November 17, 2017

Apple brass. Lost for years in the weeds of Apple Park, The Colossal Distraction. May you find your way out ASAP! — MacDailyNews, December 11, 2018

[Organizations like Apple] require a charismatic leader who will shoot people in the knees when needed.Alan Kay, April 2013

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          1. Fake news or not, it appears the rats are deserting a sinking ship or one that is about to hit a massive iceberg. At least Timmy with his massive stock options doesn’t have to go down with the ship like the common loyal shareholder. He also doesn’t appear to be throwing anyone else a lifeline. Apple management is occupying all the life boats. Right now, Apple is the RMS Titanic as far as Wall Street is concerned.

        1. HA HA! Broadway Scott! Yeah he’s been SO on top of things in is current tech company… that he’s not in… because, really, no one wants him 🙂

          If he was any good ANY good at all, he wouldn’t be on Broadway. That’s a fact!

        2. I believe that Scott would willingly come back to Apple, on the condition that pertinent personnel changes were made to facilitate his homecoming. One would be to hobble Jony Ive, a man too big for his britches, and the other would be to disappear Eddy Cue, a man more interested in basketball than business.

          The sticking point is Apple’s Board of Directors. They supported Tim Cook’s ouster of Scott Forstall, and remain loyal to Cook because he’s consistently delivered profits. I’ve written to them about displacing a distracted social justice warrior with a more committed business person, namely Angela Ahrendts. They don’t respond. But they are mostly men, and I have come to expect this sort of attitude. It surely is due to their hormones.

          1. You believe it’s just plain sexism that keeps them loyal to TC at the expense of AA? I’m not a TC fan and like AA, but not sure about your conclusion.

          2. “Jony Ive, a man too big for his britches”
            What an odd….no, weird…thing to say about the man who is probably the most retiring, dedicated_to_his_art, gentle soul, at Apple.
            Come to think of it, I cannot bring a single controversial Ive comment to the table. Are we talking about the same person?

            1. Why? Several reasons.
              He’s English.
              That’s how we pronounce it.
              That’s how the whole world apart from the US n’ Canada pronounce it.
              But principally, because your attitude is pathetically provincial and ‘you’ don’t own the English language.

            2. Why? Several reasons.
              He’s English.
              That’s how we pronounce it.
              That’s how the whole world apart from the US n’ Canada pronounce it.
              But principally, because your attitude is pathetically provincial and ‘you’ don’t own the English language.

          3. No, he’s all in love with Broadway now. If he wanted to be in Tech, he would be, but he’s not, because everyone knows he’s no good in Tech. Plus… BROADWAY… may tell you something about the guy. Just saying… He’s very likely……… another liberal.

        3. Yeah right. Bring back the un-cooperative, argumentative, non- collaborative, departmental bully, destabilizing political troublemaker who refused to sign the official apology for the Siri/Maps introduction fiasco.
          Given your penchant for narcissism, I can see that mixing-it-up Trump style would appeal to the easily fooled trouble maker you are.
          Meanwhile, in the real business world, nobody is interested in deliberately killing one of the worlds industrial Crown Jewels.

            1. Hardly. If you are inferring Scott Forstall is another Steve Jobs, why did TC find it so easy to get rid of him. Why was TC able to silence him and then make him hang around at Apple twiddling his thumbs?
              Bright bloke but no way another Jobs.

  1. Does anyone at Apple read MDN? All this work, all this pain,
    all these suggestions, Is it for nothing?

    Next, Steve Jobs can be replaced, at least the first 99%, as long as that person creates the obvious,, and makes it so IT JUST WORKS. and fast, and beat the competition to the punch, and sure, add some graceful design. But my god,
    the garbage can? Thin everything for no reason? When everyone says just give me a battery that lasts? Fuck Thin?
    i put a case on it anyway? Missed timing? NO PRO APPLICATIONS, NOT APPS. Pro, yes pro,
    Its embarrassing that nobody thinks of macs for pro applications, or business? My god. and no gamer thinks a mac is even a consideration. Name one game that excels on a mac better than any other platform. None.. WHY? Fat cats at Apple afraid to say anything that’s not PC, set up with gross amounts of stock options. I hated hearing they were getting a bonus, for what? they screwed up.
    From the Newton on, Steve Jobs was concerned about a mobile everything, the Iphone, but every phone in the world now can do what Iphone does, You can barely do real work on an Ipad, or iOS. no file system and the surface is taking over. Yes, it is. and Chromebooks.

    Apples Brand was that it was always, “WORTH IT” worth the extra money.
    I’m not sure the general public feels that way now.

    last, I have skin in the game, stock, but these issues are not just about stock going up or down, I need functionality and I want great products from Apple. If they are made, I dont have to worry about the stock, or that Tim does with his own time. My god, Dont look fat, you look gross.

    1. Well the story goes that Jobs did talk to him about being CEO but Ive refused because he has no political abilities and lacked the will to exert authority. No fault there, it’s not a job for a designer who only gets off on product design.
      Back at his workbench now that ‘the ring’ is complete, I presume.

  2. Steve Jobs is dead. And he has not been reincarnated anywhere within or outside Apple. Do we really see anybody within Amazon or Microsoft who can do better than what Apple has now? Even Steve was fallible. Tim and Co. are surely fallible. They would do well to learn from their own mistakes rather than the delusional armchair analysts and critics, which includes just about anyone with an opinion. And that surely includes some of the narrow-minded critics posting on this page.

  3. Comparing Apple of today which is about 3x larger than the Apple of Steves last years and equating the complexities of managing this Juggernaut to when it was only a third of the size is fools errand….

    Could have been, would have been etc… just useless rant.

    1. You nailed it. And complexity would be it.

      I run a 7 million dollar company which I know is teeny tiny, but I cannot even imagine what it must be like to plan for the biggest company on earth.

      How will this be affected if you do that? And on and on. Fascinating they do as well as they do.

  4. MDN is right on this issue.

    I don’t even tell my pc master race friends “it just works” anymore because they have too many examples of it “not working” now.

    I’ve said it since 2016, Tim Cook sucks. Ready for a new ceo to get the ball rolling again at Apple.

  5. I’ve invested thousands of dollars into Apple products. My 6+ has suddenly degraded its performance to where it’s a joke to make even a simple phone call.

    If I’m going to pay a premium for a product, I want this shit to work and work well. I’m watching the next couple of iOS releases with keen interest. Either my stuff starts working reasonably well, or it’s going to be bye bye Apple.

    What Apple doesn’t get us that good customers are hard to get, and that good customers are easy money. That is until you piss them off. Many of my friends are moving away from Apple products and I’m afraid I’m not far behind.

    iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 x2, iPhone 5 x2, iPhone 6+ x2, iPad 3rd gen, IPad Air, Ipad air2, IPad Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac 21”, Mac mini, Apple Watch 1, Apple TV gen 3 x2, AirPort Extreme (current), AirPort Extreme (previous version), airport express, time capsule (original). Apple Music (family), 200gb iCloud storage, iTunes Match, 100s of paid apps, and 100s of paid iBooks, Oh ya, how about a 2017 Honda Civic hatchback with Apple CarPlay

  6. Apple’s current stock performance is absolutely horrible for a company loaded with a mountain of cash. Tesla is burning cash like it was powering a steam locomotive and Tesla is doing better than Apple in holding its share price up.

    I’ve really got to pull away and just think about my Apple dividends to get me through the rough times. Tim Cook is doing alright but he definitely leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to CEOs. I have no right to complain as I’ve done well by owning Apple stock since 2004. I suppose every company has its ups and downs. However, it just seems as though Apple is throwing away lots of opportunities to boost its revenue. Let’s see what Apple can do in 2018 and hope for the best.

    1. “The definitely leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to CEOs”

      SO true. And really, just think about it… if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s the CEO of the most profitable company in the world, he wouldn’t even be the CEO of the most profitable company in the world! Him being a CEO that has bested all other CEO’s? That’s ONLY because he’s a CEO that has bested all other CEO’s. They should find someone from a company that’s smaller than Apple (any of them) to be the CEO because someone with no experience running the most profitable company in the world would almost certainly do a better job.

    2. “Tim Cook is doing alright but he definitely leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to CEOs.”

      Contrary to the simpletons posting here, CEOs are not responsible for hoe WS values the Company. Jack Kelly (revered former CEO of GE) said it best, “managing a company to move stock valuation is a fool’s game”.

      This advocating Cook is a failure because AAPL isn’t performing as they think it should are clearly FOOLS.

      1. We are surrounded by fools, and we too are fools. Everyone is a fool except for the mystical one per cent, the sociopaths that profit from our folly. Because they are sociopathic, they take no pleasure or pain from our collective suffering. They simple take, and we simply suffer.

  7. I agree that I think Tim Cook has become ill equipped to deal with all the rapid advances of technology and formulating a “strategy to rule them all.” The pieces of the puzzle seem to be too puzzling for him and they seem to be aimlessly drifting. And I was a Tim Cook supporter but the Mac Pro Incident broke the back of future belief. So yeah someone with a real Jobsian-like vision needs to be in charge and start taking back Apple’s street cred.

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