Apple to take 128,000-square-foot Culver City HQ in new media venture after HBO backs out

“Apple is moving into Culver City,” Natalie Hoberman reports for The Real Deal. “The technology giant has agreed to lease the entirety of Lincoln Property Co.’s 128,000-square-foot building at 8777 Washington Boulevard in Culver City.”

“HBO was set to be the sole tenant leasing at the site, but those plans fell through,” Hoberman reports. “Located on the corner of Washington and National boulevards just seven miles east of the Santa Monica Pier, the four-story complex will include office space, as well as 4,500 square feet of ground-level retail.”

“TRD previously reported that Apple was in talks to lease Hackman Capital Partners’ 85,000-square-foot campus at 5500 Jefferson Boulevard near Culver City. Sources familiar with the deal now say Apple will be taking over the space,” Hoberman reports. “Combined, that amounts to roughly 213,000 square feet of creative office space in the neighborhood. Hackman also developed the headquarters of Beats By Dre – an Apple subsidiary — at 8600 Hayden Place in Culver City.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Operation “Catchup” proceeds apace. It’s very nice to see Apple finally racking up wins and making notable progress in this space.

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    1. But Apple needs a Hollywood area HQ to help facilitate and manage the process of producing content, not distantly from Silicon Valley. Apply what you just said to a major Hollywood studio and it makes little sense as this is what Apple is trying to be. It’s all good.

  1. That is a massive amount of office space. Even the previously mentioned site at Jefferson Boulevard would have been pretty huge, but the two sites combined shows that Apple has huge plans. Apple are getting very serious about creating their own content.

    Rivals to Apple ought to be feeling somewhat nervous about this development.

  2. Apple needs to “think different” with content. They can do more than produce a bunch of “me too” programs. Content controls with programming would be a boon for families left behind by Amazon and Netflix original content which is too often TV-MA. don’t want the N-word? Done. Don’t want nudity? Done.

  3. I don’t know if Apple is throwing their money away but as long as Apple is at least trying to diversify the company, I’m satisfied as an Apple shareholder. At least it’s not more hardware, for a change. Maybe producing content will give Apple slightly better profit margins. I was hoping Apple might get heavily into AI development but maybe that area is already too crowded. Adding original video content for the services division seems like a good move although it might be risky.

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