The iPhone X got upstaged by Apple’s batterygate scandal

“It’s one of the most buzzed-about brands in the world, but lately people have been talking about Apple for all the wrong reasons,” Alessandra Malito reports for MarketWatch.

“Apple buzz — defined as whether the 30,000 or so daily poll respondents have heard either something positive or negative about the brand — rose to 64% this week, according to market research firm Morning Consult,” Malito reports. “Apple’s negative ‘buzz,’ as the firm calls it, hit its highest level ever on Jan. 1, when 24% of people said they had heard something negative about the company — the most since Morning Consult began tracking the brand in October 2016.”

“The bad news for Apple: More people are talking about Apple these days than they were on Nov. 3, when the company released its iPhone X,” Malito reports. “But, as the saying goes, perhaps all publicity is good publicity. Apple’s overall favorability is still strong, with around 68% of poll participants having a positive view of the brand (as per usual, according to Morning Consult), compared with the average consumer electronics industry average of 43%.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This too shall pass, but Apple brass should understand that there’s only so much crap you can heap upon the brand that Steve Jobs built before it stops sliding off and starts sticking instead.

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  1. But what I love are the Fandroid trolls with no sense of perspective treating this as some kind of truly horrible thing to do to users, unlike Samsplode nearly blowing up planes & passengers with their shoddy wares and poor quality control. THAT’S perfectly okay with these losers.

    I admit Apple should’ve had a battery slowdown opt-in but really not a big whup particularly. What Apple can’t afford to lose though is that rare privilege of trust, regardless of the size of the offense. Especially if those offenses start adding up.

    1. You’ll never know the exact figures for iPhone X sales. Apple reports out on total phone sales (which is still more than some other OEMs), but they don’t provide the breakout by model. However, we’ll see evidence of iPhone X sales through higher average selling prices for the quarter.

  2. Just like in the old days (think game of thrones) it’s tough to be King. Everybody wants to take you down, and beat you to a pulp, so they can reign. I don’t think Apple is overtly concerned though….this will pass….

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