How to see if Apple’s throttling your iPhone

“Apple has been catching some heat for throttling CPU performance on older phones with weaker batteries,” Alexander Fox writes for Apple Gazette.

MacDailyNews Take: Understatement of the Year, so far.

“If you have an older iPhone, you’ve probably realized it’s slowed down over the years,” Fox writes. “But how can you be sure it’s the battery?”

“Apple’s throttling was revealed through Geekbench scores. You can use the same method to check your own devices,” Fox writes. “Download the Geekbench app from the App Store. It’s not free, but it is cheap.”

Also, “you can check your iPhone’s battery condition with coconutBattery,” Fox writes. “This [Mac] app is normally used for MacBook batteries, but it can also check connected iPhones.”

Read in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Here’s a screenshot of coconutBattery checking one of our iPhone X units:

coconutbattery iPhone X

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      1. Thanks, but yes, I tried the Mac App Store first. Then I went back to the article and followed the link to where I was able to start a download. After an hour or so it’s still, supposedly, making its way to me. We’ll see!

  1. How to see if your phone was throttled? Hmmm. If your phone suddenly shut down while using, say Maps, but then you updated the iOS so now it doesn’t shut down but loads Maps slower than before…your phone is throttled. Which would you rather have: phone shutting down unexpectedly, or 20 more seconds added to your Map search?

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