Apple Watch has blood on its hands: Adidas’ fitness wearables are dead

“Adidas has ended the business unit responsible for development of its fitness watches, sensor-enabled footwear, and other wearable devices,” Dave Muoio reports for MobiHealthNews.

“The decision to close the unit will affect 74 staff positions within the company, according to the reports. Among these were data scientists, experience designers, algorithm developers, and software and hardware engineers,” Muoio reports. “An Adidas’ spokeswoman told Women’s Wear Daily that the company will seek new positions for these employees within other divisions of the company.”

“The shuttering is part of a realignment effort by the company to condense its digital offerings,” Muoio reports. “This will be led by two of the company’s primary digital platforms: Runtastic, a GPS-guided exercise offering that Adidas purchased for $240 million in 2015, and a relaunched Adidas shopping app.”

The Midnight Fog edition Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) and Nike Air Vapormax
The Midnight Fog edition Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) and Nike Air Vapormax

“Adidas isn’t alone in ditching the fitness hardware approach — its chief competitor Nike also cut back on its fitness wearable efforts in favor of digital partnerships and product connectivity,” Muoio reports. “In addition, Under Armour announced just last month that it was killing its Health Box suite of devices.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Adidas is a good company. Focusing on Runtastic for Apple Watch is a smart move. Not as smart as Nike, which really cozied up to Apple long ago, but smart enough to cut their losses and get out now.

Smartwatches and the ecosystems required are well outside these companies’ core competencies. Even tech firms, watch firms, and tech firms + watch firms can’t compete with the Apple Watch juggernaut.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. I wasn’t interested in apple watches until the series 3.

      bought one and like it a lot.

      extrapolating my personal experience to the entire world, the entire world likes apple watches.

      1. We have had more sightings of Big Foot than Apple Watches on wrists here in my burg. Really, not much “extrapolation” here, at all. Seriously, Apple Watch is just a fanboy identity bracelet. But, if you like it or love it, good. It’s nice that this thing brings so much purpose to your life, you probably need it.

  1. Apart from those who need or want the fitness stuff, I can’t see the point of the Apple Watch. My iPhone is always in my pocket or my desk so calls, texts etc pop up as normal. I admit that I haven’t tried one for any length of time but nothing I’ve read or experienced has swayed me to plonk down money on it. If someone can explain to me what I’m missing out on I will be open minded about it but I’m sceptical.

    1. iMake calls on my watch now. No need for my iPhone on the slops, in the water, On my kayak etc. My girls take the photos with their iPhone 7s… Soon to be iPhone X. iToo pondered the Apple Watch and its experience.. Now with the AlivCor EKG Band… iLOVE Apple Watch… Apple Pay from watch is also a BONUS. And iHave yet to realize its fullest potential. iAm no longer sceptical of Apple Watch. ps. The battery life is wonderful. Merry Christmas!

  2. My post was on topic, heck I even mentioned Apple more than the original article, and I certainly wasn’t attacking anyone but once again, post removed, censorship and suppression of freedom of speech rears it’s ugly head. Looks like someone has has something to hide, or in the case of these headline changes someone has some violence to show.

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