Was an Apple employee behind the ‘iPhone X’ leaks?

“It’s one thing when an employee who’s testing a phone prototype gets tipsy and leaves it behind in a bar. That can happen to any company. It might even happen twice,” Chris Matyszczyk writes for CNET. “However, some observers suspect a recent round of leaks reportedly including product names and features of Apple’s new iPhones suggests something more sinister is going on.”

“Influential Apple commentator John Gruber took to his Daring Fireball site on Saturday to suggest these alleged secrets weren’t leaving Cupertino’s very tight security because of carelessness,” Matyszczyk writes. “‘I’m nearly certain this wasn’t a mistake,’ he wrote, ‘but rather a deliberate malicious act by a rogue Apple employee.'”

“Many would like to believe this isn’t so,” Matyszczyk writes. “They’d like to hope that this is all part of an elaborate Apple disinformation package, designed to make Tuesday even more of a show. However, if there is some resentful killjoy element lurking within Apple, you can bet the company’s security services will be extremely active in rooting it out.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There’s nothing better than a good mystery!

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  1. While all this spy game cat and mouse is going on, Fat & lazy Eddy Cue gets away with murder because the Apple leader ship have bigger fish to Fry. I bet Eddy is relieved at all these leaks because he gets to ride the gravy train by doing very little

  2. There will likely be legal consequences well beyond simply being fired. For the record, I doubt most people will hear about any of these features until the keynote anyway. In my extended family of iPhone users and likely upgrades no one except me has a clue about what is coming. They will take notice and decide on which iPhone to order after Tuesday.

    1. That’s been my experience. To my surprise none of my friends have asked me about the leak, which means that they’re unaware of it. I will surely get quite a few questions next week, as I’m their “apple guy”.

  3. Apple is worth far more than the Medellin and Cali Cartels combined ever were. They have plenty of material for at least a season of LEAKOS where TC purges successive security chiefs in trying to get to the rat, while jetting around the world to make deals with communists and globalists while fighting the cursed nationalists.

  4. As someone wrote in the other thread, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if this were a deliberate, controlled leak by Apple’s PR.

    Leaks have been drumming up massive amounts of free press for Apple. Competitors have been releasing new devices, but nobody seems to be writing about anything but “iPhone 8”, facial recognition, disappearance of TouchID, camera notch in the screen, etc. You can’t buy this kind of publicity, as they say…

    As I said, there is really no negative to this massive “leak”. It doesn’t give any material advantage to any competitor, and about the only thing that it can happen is disappoint a few people whose surprise may now have been spoiled.

    1. No, I don’t think so. If Apple wanted to leak information, it would not do it in this manner. That is too much information and in a highly uncontrolled manner. No, this appears to be deliberate on the part of a disgruntled insider.

      1. Melvin back from the self-inflicted MDN wilderness …

        At this point gents, what we know is we don’t know.

        Both of your scenarios are indeed, plausible. That said, I tend to lean towards Mel’s post. With less than 24 hours before the official announcement, find it hard to believe official Apple would operate on dual tracks of transparency and non-transparency …

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