With iOS 11, Apple’s iPad truly could be your next personal computer

“It’s worth noting the iPad still outsells the Mac by nearly three-to-one,” David Chartier writes for The Mac Observer. “Plus, somewhere around 2015, the iPad hit a milestone of selling more total units in half a decade than the Mac in its 30 year history.”

“After using the public beta, I cannot stress this enough: iOS 11 is a colossal leap forward. From drag-and-drop to new multitasking tools, I find some workflows easier on iOS versus macOS now,” Chartier writes. “That will only get better in the fall once iOS 11 ships and apps can publish updates to support it.”

“The iPad Pro is the best iPad Apple has ever shipped (I’m typing this on Apple’s new iPad Pro 10.5-inch). But if you don’t need all that power, the 2017 iPad is a fantastic deal at $329,” Chartier writes. “For many, it could be an extremely affordable and portable computer, even if you add a hardware keyboard for convenience.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, for the vast majority of current Mac users and PC sufferers, Apple’s iPad truly could be their next personal computer, thanks to iOS 11.

As our own SteveJack remarked seconds after Apple’s Craig Federighi unveiled iOS 11’s new features (namely, Multi-Touch Drag and Drop, the new Dock, and the Files app):

Finally, the promise of iPad is realized.SteveJack, MacDailyNews, June 5, 2017

What’s more natural than dragging and dropping with your finger? It’s certainly more natural than doing so with a mouse. With iOS 11, many people’s biggest conundrum for their next road machines went from MacBook vs. MacBook Pro to 10.5-inch iPad Pro vs. 12.9-inch iPad Pro. — MacDailyNews, June 9, 2017

iPad Pro. The future of computing is here (or will be, as soon as iOS 11 is released this autumn).MacDailyNews, June 23, 2017

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        1. Both opinions are bullshit. The iPad is a good personal computer for some, but not for everyone. Your take that it isn’t is bullshit and the take that the iPad can be everyone’s personal computer is bullshit. Why do you use their bullshit as an excuse for your own bullshit? Neither opinion is true, both are fanboys trumpeting. In your case, an anti-fanboy (which is getting very, very boring btw).

          1. I say that because the PC has many distinguishing features over the iPad, and it was here first. By decades. What else then would you call it?

            The Personal Computer (ushered by Apple) got the “personal” part of its name because it was controlled by the owner of the machine, not the IT department. It offered freedom from authority, not subjugation to authority. That’s the biggest part of the “PC Revolution” by far.

            How can something be personal if you need someone else’s permission to use it for anything you, not someone else, may want? And you cannot directly code it in native code.

            1. Now you’re quibbling about your definition of personal to justify your fanboy bullshit. The iPad is a personal computer for some and not for others. My advice to you is to stop all your fanboy nonsense, but hey, live your life however you like.

            2. I wouldn’t make a distinction, other than to say they are both personal computers that serve different needs. Anything else is fanboy nonsense. Yay PC, boo iPad! Coding and compiling on the iPad is coming, shouldn’t be more than two or three years away. Eventually you’ll have to give up your fanboy nonsense, on this topic anyway. make no mistake, all you are is a fanboy.

            3. They are indeed both computers. There we agree.

              Calling the iPad a PC when it doesn’t have the most important (and other) PC features is incredibly naive at best and utterly dishonest when someone who knows (the author) spins I that way.

              And yes,the iPad isn’t a PC due to implementation. When you can code and compile (without permission from anyone) then it will have made a significant stride to being a PC. Don’t neglect other tablets either.

              And this is not fanboy stuff. A netbook is PC, just a very lousy one. Most people who would have bought a netbook, just for the simple tasks are better served by a tablet.

  1. Yes it very likely can..
    Cant wait for ios 11 final version .

    ( Apple, in final version of ios11, please allow ‘files’ to also access external drives… not just Apple ID devices and the cloud. )

    1. 36 voters think ios 11 and ‘files’ are Garbage and that there is no reason to be excited about it…..and if ‘files’ also worked with external drives its a bad idea…
      .. As cearly can be seen by the above votes!
      For three years and longer… i have pushed files for ios In forums and directly to Apple.. i have had a lot insulting and violent reaction by a lot of non believers..
      Yet here it is… Apple did it..
      So whats with down vote?

      Or is it that
      the childish, politically dogmotized losers are reacting to discourse in other threads.. .. Proving My Point !?

      I dont mind down votes and debates.

      But I mind hypocrites and foolishness.
      Pathetic and lost Some of u are ! ..
      Yet so foolishly proud.
      Recipe for disaster.. ….

  2. It’s a great device, soon to be even greater. Some people can get by with a phone. Some people need a Mac truck. Me, I need all three. The only thing I don’t need, yet, is the watch. Or anything Windows or Android. Don’t need a scale to see if I’m fat, don’t need to know how many steps I’ve taken to feel like I’ve moved my ass enough, don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

  3. Maybe at like iOS 13 or 14 it’ll be a full-on laptop replacement. But iOS 11 is just the start of Apple taking the iPad’s potential as a replacement for a laptop (as opposed to just a companion to one) seriously.

  4. I rely heavily on macOS Photos.
    Until iOS Photos is so limited on organising features, tags, descriptions and smart folders, I can’t replace my Mac for an iPad.
    I find Photos for iOS too simplistic. Sadly, the software leaves a lot to be desired.

  5. My 12inch Pro is my laptop replacement. There are NO compromises with it. If fact, for my needs, it is better than a laptop…and my needs go well-beyond the average user. Keep in mind I still have my “truck”…

    1. Same here. I haven’t owned a laptop since my first iPad.

      I used a MacBook Pro for 8 years and when it came to finally replace it I jumped ship and got an iPad.

      I am now on my 3rd iPad (2017 12″ iPad Pro) and this is the perfect pc for me, I can run my brand consultancy and ideas businesses from it plus use the amazing Apple Pencil to sketch out concepts and share them with one press of a button to the teams.

      RIP the laptop.

  6. iPad truly could be your next personal computer

    iOS is growing closer to macOS. I’ll agree that far. Certainly, Granny is happy with her iPad for the basic things she needs. But her grandkids keep asking for an actual Mac so they can do a lot more than is allowed on iOS.

    My grudge this week: Why can’t I do a simple, easy search through my Mail on my iPhone 7? Just put the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen and let me do it already.

  7. iPad can’t replace the Mac Pro. But it has already replaced the laptops I once used, which now sit on lonely shelves in my museum of memories. Just the other day, I bought this 10.5 inch iPad Pro to upgrade my iPad Air 2, and it’s just dandy, especially with iOS 11 (bugs and all). I did notice small increases in size and weight, along with the grotesque camera bulge which led me to order Apple’s “sleeve” for protection and for its pencil-holder. Must have that pencil-holder! Steve Jobs counselled us all that styluses get lost and fingers don’t. But there was more to the story that he wasn’t bothering to mention at the time—which was a time where multi-touch begged for acceptance. I always thought styluses were fine and functional, even if I did misplace them on occasion. But now that I own an expensive Apple Pencil it must have a snug haven. I can’t have it roll off on its own. It must always be at hand or in hand as I mark up Microsoft Word documents. Once again, I find myself adapting to new technologies, unlearning old habits and training myself in new ones. — if only mental states could be as consciously excised or sculpted as motor skills, we might all become more versatile citizens of the world.

  8. I have a 12″ iPad Pro… but I use the MacBook Air many times over for one reason… It picks up WiFi better than any other IOS device.
    Anyone else notice how robust the MacBook Air is at signal reception?

  9. IOS will never replace the Mac in this household. Tried ipads, hated them. What’s more, by the time you accessorize your ipad in an attempt to reproduce what the mac can do (which is impossible), you’ll have spent as much as a Mac or maybe more.

    You have to be a retiree or Apple executive to think iOS can completely replace a mac.

  10. Will one be able to type a term paper, draft legislation or a contract, or write a novel on an iPad? How about a company sending out hundreds of letters addressed to hundreds of people using mail merge?
    These tasks require a computer.

    Most people simply respond to e-mail, follow their friends on Facebook and surf the web: no substantial work, so an iPad or iPhone is fine. We have iPhones and an iPad on which we monitor our online lives while watching TV, or while we’re out, but use the computer for more than the trivial stuff.

    Sorry, I think Steve Jobs’ “trucks” analogy was wrong. It’s more like iOS is the engine for a bicycle or Segway, but our Macs are our cars. The “truck” would be analogous to a server.

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