New app using Apple’s ARKit lets iPhone recreate 16 weeks of painstaking rotoscoping on the fly

“a-ha’s classic video for ‘Take On Me’ was the result of painstaking effort — it took 16 weeks to rotoscope the frames, creating that signature blend between the real and hand-drawn worlds,” Jon Fingas reports for Engadget.

“Now, however, you only need an iPhone to recreate the look yourself,” Fingas reports. “Trixi Studios has shown off an augmented reality iOS app that produces the ‘Take On Me’ look in your own home.”

“The proof-of-concept software makes do with virtual versions of A-ha’s Morten Harket and the pipe-wielding thugs, but its effect is more convincing than you might think,” Fingas reports. “Trixi wrote the software using Apple’s ARKit…”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We wonder if Google ever gets tired of standing there shellshocked and slack jawed as Apple takes off at light speed leaving them drooling at the starting line?

Here’s a-ha’s original video with its 16 weeks of rotoscoping:

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  1. ARKit represents a 5 year lead on Android. Maybe more.

    This is the payoff for Apple owning the full stack and producing the most groundbreaking chips on earth.

    1. This is the payoff for Apple being able to actually create a roadmap and sticking to it (whether they tell anyone about it or not). They understand to get from A to point C you should pass through point B and not take a shortcut.

      Most companies tend to throw it out there and see what happens, and usually with half-assed attempts. Even Apple did this with the Newton. They settled for a 3rd party (Russian) handwriting technology, before waiting for their own engineers to finish what they were nearly finished with. I don’t think the Newton every recovered from that mess even though Newton 2.0, which did features Apple’s own recognizer is still considiered one the most advanced ever developed.

  2. I was a fan of Newton from the get-go, even though I suffered with the initial incarnation(s). It was so cool to be able to write something and have the recognizer actually create *typed text”.

    Not at all perfect recognition it’s true but what was there in the palm of my hand, was pretty cool 🙂 Circa ’95(?) at the dawn of my involvement with the internet I was testing for Apple and working with a company in the Netherlands on an actual e-mail client! At the time this was cool beans!

    I remember when Steve Jobs killed the project, and I confess to being sad about that (not knowing that iPhone was on the horizon.

    Wonderful days with Newton… I have a coffee table book somewhere 🙂

  3. Now we can work like how James Cameron worked on Avatar albeit in a much quicker and cheaper way. That s Apple at its SNEAKY BEST. Where are all the ANNALIST with their Apple not an innovator stories????

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