“An important transformation is about to get under way,” Mike Elgan reports for Computerworld. “Starting next year, AR will begin transforming enterprise communications, logistics, manufacturing, analytics, product design, training, marketing, field service and more.”

“Even business meetings will change. With ubiquitous AR, multiple devices can see the same thing in the same space. Imagine tablet users sitting around a conference table. While looking at their screens, all meeting participants will see the same 3D graphs floating in space above the table, the same virtual prototype, the same globe or the same holographic talking head,” Elgan reports. “Instead of PowerPoint presentations taking place on a wall, the presented data will be 3D, holographic and displayed in AR in the middle of the room or table. Best of all, remote participants will also see the same images. (The buzzword for this is ‘augmented reality collaboration.’)”

“The ultimate and eventual hardware platform for augmented reality will be glasses and goggles. But until technology advances enough to enable that broadly, AR will live on smartphones and tablet,” Elgan reports. “The biggest event ever to happen in the world of augmented reality is the announcement last month by Apple of its ARKit for building augmented reality apps for the upcoming iOS 11 platform. When the new iPhone and iPad software hits, developers will gain access to a billion theoretical users. AR on mobile devices will go mainstream fast, and smartphone buyers will start choosing phones based on AR capabilities (much like they now choose based on camera quality.”

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MacDailyNews Take: While no one was looking, Apple once again made a quantum leap forward, far into the lead! Once again, Apple leaves Google’s heads spinning and Android, the poor man’s iPhone, in the dust.

The smartphone. Powerful multi-touch mobile operating systems. 64-bit smartphones and tablets. Personal assistants. Advanced smartphone photography. Augmented reality… Apple leads and all others follow at a great distance.

“I got an Android phone.”

“Why? Do you like to be years behind Apple iPhone users, waiting forever to catch up and never getting there?”

If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.

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