Foxconn report shows why the rampant negativity in Apple should be ignored

“Almost every day, you have a Wall Street analyst, website (Apple-centric or not), talking head, kindly uncle, the always-short-never-losing-money crowd and/or the do-over Dudley’s (yes, that is my new category of investors) waxing negative about Apple (and pretty much every other stock in techland) and pontificating about the problems the company is having in almost every product category,” Jay Somaney writes for Forbes. “Of late, the chatter is that the whiz-bang, high-end Apple phone will be delayed due to what the above group claims are a variety of issues dealing with design, production, fingerprint sensors, 3D sensors and who knows what other problems.”

“Sell-siders are speculating that there is a ‘significant redesign’ that will lead to delayed launch of the high-end model, others are saying that company is having software issues and problems with its fast wireless charging solutions, issues with the 3D camera, others in the above category are saying that expectations are too high for Apple and some are also speculating that the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7s will ship without inductive chargers, which will be sold separately later,” Somaney writes. “While all of the above might turn out to be true (or not at all) for shareholders, it should matter not one single bit.”

Somaney writes, “If one is a shareholder, he/she only needs to take a look at the following press release from Foxconn this morning regarding its June sales data.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back on June 16th:

Buying opp? We’ve love to see some sub-$140 action during the dog days of summer.

You want to be greedy when others are fearful. You want to be fearful when others are greedy. It’s that simple. — Warren Buffett, October 1, 2008

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  1. Anyone who knows how to invest knows that there is no such thing as “buying opportunities”. If there’s a company you like, you buy it, and hold it. Waiting for a buying opportunity is as likely to find you waiting on the sidelines as the stock passes you by, as it is to drop to that point. A number of years ago. A friend had extra money to invest, and I told him to buy Apple. Unfortunately, his is a managed account, which people should never have. His guy said that it was a good idea, and as soon as the prick pulled back a bit, he would buy it. Well, the stock was $314 at the time, and it never pulled back, and so it was never bought. That concept was the “buying opportunity” that was missed, because it never happened.

    People, if you think Apple is a company you want to own, buy it! And keep it, even if it drops. I last bought a major chunk way back in 2004, when it was $16.93 a share. I’ve held it, and added to it slightly during the drop in 2008, but never sold any. The stock rose, and then dropped several times. But it always went higher. That’s called investing.

    1. Oops! Sorry. Didn’t catch the typo, and the auto correct. The word “prick” should have been “stock”. Sorry for the apparent slur. We really need to be able to correct post posting, as most sites allow.

  2. I find any of these rumors about the iPhone nearly impossible to believe.

    I simply can’t imagine how there would be so many leaks about what internal problems Apple is having with the iPhone. The only way something like that could happen is if the areas where Apple is working on the iPhone is being electronically bugged or those employees working on the iPhone are deliberately releasing information. How come this isn’t happening at other companies where they can build products from start to finish and no one says anything about them? I never heard of any advance details about the Surface Studio concerning design problems that needed to be overcome and I’m certain all projects have problems that need to be ironed out. These things can’t happen to only Apple products.

    I’m not worried but merely disgusted if these reports are being made for the purposes of stock manipulation. Apart from grabbing clicks or stock manipulation, I can’t see the purpose of this type of reporting as they have no bearing on a finished product with no announced set of features. There certainly can’t be a delay of a product with no set announcement date.

  3. Apple has done a great job over the years in releasing new products and product updates. There have been relatively few major product design and operational issues given the complexity of Apple’s products. There have been very few true “duds” where the flaws were major and required significant intervention, such as a motherboard replacement. That is a tribute to the Apple team.

    However, failure is always a possibility in any complex endeavor. That is why I am always a little nervous at each Apple product release/update – will this be the time that Apple failed to find the component flaw or the design flaw that results in widespread issues and loss of reputation and trust? People hold Apple to a high (sometimes seemingly impossible) standard. If Apple were to pull a Samsung inferno battery blunder, then the consequences would be harsh.

    People need to give credit where credit is due. Apple is not perfect, but it has done a pretty darn good job over the years. You have to applaud the dedicated team of engineers and technicians covering R&D, design, test, reliability, etc. as well as the retail and service personnel.

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