“Earlier this week, a reliable source in the accessory industry showed Engadget a highly detailed CAD file of the ‘iPhone 8’s’ chassis, which allowed us to generate several renders for publishing,” Richard Lai reports for Engadget.The most obvious takeaway here is the dual camera’s new orientation, and that both the microphone plus the flash will be part of the camera bump.”

“While the contour may look familiar, the back of the device will actually be covered in glass this time, which allows for the integration of wireless charging,” Lai reports. “This is hinted by what appears to be a carved out area for a wireless charging coil on the underside of the chassis, though we’re not at liberty to disclose related images.”

“Our source has just sent us a couple of new renders, and this time we finally get to see the front side,” Lai reports. “Interestingly, we are apparently expecting with a dual camera for selfies, as well as a fingerprint reader that’s flush with the glass.”

The full gallery and more info in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Bookmark this page to compare with the next-gen iPhone Apple will unveil later this year to see the accuracy of these renderings.

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