Earin takes on Apple’s AirPods with new M-2 truly wireless earbuds

“Not long after the release of the M-1— and Apple’s own AirPods, Earin has unveiled its new M-2 completely wireless Bluetooth earbuds, adding a touch interface to the tip of the earpiece,” Mike Wuerthele writes for AppleInsider.

“As with Apple AirPods, the M-2 earbuds can be used for listening to music and taking phone calls,” Wuerthele writes. “The touch control on the earbud itself has rudimentary media controls, allowing users to play, pause, and skip tracks.”

“A magnetic docking capsule stores and charges the earbuds,” Wuerthele writes. “One charge from the capsule gives three hours of battery life per charge, and provides three charges before depletion. Charge time for the capsule is approximately 75 minutes.”

Earin M-2 wireless Bluetooth earbuds
Earin M-2 wireless Bluetooth earbuds

“The Earin M-2 True Wireless Earbuds will release late in the first quarter,” Wuerthele writes. “Pricing has not yet been announced, but the Earin M-1 Earbuds retail for $199.99.”

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MacDailyNews Take: No Apple W1 chip, no sale.

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    1. The cumulative effects may be negligible, IF the amplitude of the RF (radio band electromagnetic energy) signal is within tissue tolerance. But it is at least suspected that higher RF amplitude = higher likelihood of tissue damage.

      I suspect we’ll eventually get the hang of the biological and health effects of various wavelengths (frequencies), amplitudes of and repeat exposures to RF energy. I suspect what we’ll find is genetic variance as well as something akin to ear damage over time with exposure to high amplitude RF energy. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of speculation and shaky scientific data.

  1. 199.99 and no mention of these being “expensive”… while the apple AirPods at 159.99 are “very pricey” ….. ridiculous, and no W1 chip. Therefore, inferior.

  2. The Core Question for any audiophile regarding Bluetooth speakers and headphones is always:

    What’s the total bandwidth? How much audio compression is required and used?

    Bluetooth 4.x still SUCKS for quality audio playback. That’s why a few companies, including Apple, have technically enhanced the wireless bandwidth beyond that capable of crappy Bluetooth 4.x.

    (Note that I have very good ears and find highly compressed audio to be offensive. I love my 96 KHz sampled audio recordings).

    From the source article:
    The wireless technology connecting the earbuds is proprietary to Earin, and utilizes “dual antenna and Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) powered by NXP Semiconductors,” according to the company.

    That sounds promising. But the proof is in the hearing…

    In any case, isn’t technology competition great?!

    1. Oh and an impish thought:
      What if the security of these Bluetooth audio devices is just as CRAP as the IoT? (Internet of Trash). If audio devices are hackable, what would the hackers do with them? What settings could they alter? Could they use the devices to hack your smartphone and/or computer? Could they become another vector for DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks on the Internet? Inquiring hackers want to know.

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