“The HomePod is a squat – less than 7 inches high – unobtrusive speaker that, per Apple, is loaded with technology, including 7 beam-forming tweeters, 6 microphones, an Apple A8 processor, and a upward firing woofer. All reviewers agreed that this technology achieved the finest quality of any smart speaker,” Robin Harris writes for ZDNet. “So, other than to say the sound of the Homepod – and my long time audio system uses excellent Dynaudio speakers – is great, I’m not going to heap more praise on their audio quality. Instead I’ll talk about the rest of experience.”

Stereo pairs create an even wider soundstage for an incredible listening experience on HomePod.

Stereo pairs create an even wider soundstage for an incredible listening experience on HomePod.

“The Homepod only accepts content from Apple Music or an Airplay enabled device, including Macs and Windows using iTunes, iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV,” Harris writes. “The Siri control works, but not as well as I’d like… All voice commands are encrypted before they leave the HomePod and sent to Apple’s servers. I’m privacy first, and I like that. Apparently most other devices send info about your listening and/or viewing habits so the vendor can monetize the information. I hate that.”

“The stripped down esthetic of the HomePods, the overall ease of use, the excellent sound quality, and – on sale – cost makes me glad I bought them. I can’t say that about every tech purchase,” Harris writes. “If you have an iOS device and love music, I recommend them.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: By now, we can’t live without our HomePods. Wives, children, relatives, visitors – everybody loves them and, of course, Apple Music’s 50+ million-strong library!

Multiple rooms, stereo-paired – gorgeous sound everywhere! Hey, Apple, how about a weather-proof HomePod for outdoor use, too?

BTW, a strong television ad or two for HomePod placed during some of these music competition shows (The Voice, The Masked Singer, American Idol, etc.) might be an idea worth considering, too.

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