Apple celebrates International Women’s Day throughout March, partners with ‘Girls Who Code’

Apple is celebrating International Women’s Day throughout March by highlighting the stories and work of female developers, musicians, artists, photographers and entrepreneurs. Apple is also building on its commitment to education with a new partnership with Girls Who Code to expand learning opportunities for young women.

As part of its community education initiative, Apple is partnering with Girls Who Code to support new coding opportunities for girls and young women in the US. Using the Everyone Can Code Curriculum, 90,000 girls and Girls Who Code Club facilitators in all 50 states can learn to use Swift, Apple’s easy to learn programming language that hundreds of thousands of apps are built with. Swift training will also be provided for club leaders to help expand the number and reach of coding clubs. Apple supports educational opportunities for students of all ages and backgrounds, and advocates for girls’ right to access the same learning opportunities as their male counterparts through its Developer Academies, Everyone Can Code curriculum and work with the Malala Fund and National Center for Women and Information Technology.

Apple recognizes women’s stories and creative contributions throughout the month of March and introduces new learning opportunities for girls in coding.
Apple recognizes women’s stories and creative contributions throughout the month of March and introduces new learning opportunities for girls in coding.

“Women have earned the opportunity to have our ideas shape the future,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives. “We’re excited to support Girls Who Code as they empower girls to be the developers and tech innovators of tomorrow.”

In select Apple stores around the world, visitors can attend over 60 sessions in the “Made By Women” series, led by artists, musicians, photographers, app developers, scientists and entrepreneurs designed to inspire the next generation in hands-on sessions to unlock creativity and take their passions to the next level.

Sessions include an App Lab at Apple Causeway Bay with Hillary Yip, a 14-year-old founder and CEO of a language exchange platform, who will lead a session on developing and pitching ideas to build the ideal social platform. Visitors can also attend a Video Lab at Apple Michigan Avenue with Emily Grasile, the Chicago Field Museum’s chief curiosity correspondent, who will teach participants to incorporate small specimens from the Field Museum’s collection into vast landscapes using the Procreate app on iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Sessions with creators will be held in select stores in Singapore, Kyoto, Hong Kong, London, Milan, Paris, Dubai, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

In March, the App Store will celebrate the creative women at the forefront of apps and games. Every App of the Day featured in the US will highlight an app founded, developed or led by a woman, including Bumble, TheSkimm and Stitch Fix. Every Friday during the month of March, go behind the scenes on the App Store Today tab with women like Lisy Kane, a game producer and co-founder of the startup Girl Geek Academy, which aims to bring more women into gaming and tech. On International Women’s Day, App Store customers will also be treated to special collections highlighting games featuring Marvel’s iconic female superhero, Captain Marvel.

Throughout the month, Apple Music will be featuring some of the most visionary women in music with highly curated playlists and editorial packages, and Beats 1 will host a 24-hour takeover with shows programmed to highlight inspiring women.

Customers can also explore iTunes for curated selections of movies and TV series featuring dynamic female characters, check out Apple Podcasts to listen to shows created by inspiring women and visit Apple Books to find books that elevate the stories and experiences of women.

Apple Watch users can earn a new Activity Award on March 8.
Apple Watch users can earn a new Activity Award on March 8.

Apple Watch users across the world can also earn an exclusive Activity Award and stickers for Messages when they complete a walk, run or wheelchair workout of a mile (1.6km) or more on March 8.

Source: Apple Inc.

MacDailyNews Take: Congrats to all those who participate. We can’t wait to see what apps you develop in the future!


    1. Perhaps we could celebrate the arrival of the first slaves in Virginia as National Masters Day, or June 19th (anniversary of when the last US slaves were freed) as a National Day of Mourning, like the day they invented shoes so women weren’t both barefoot and pregnant.

      (That was satire, by the way. You might not be able to figure that outfit I didn’t point it out.)

      1. I am pretty sure we have all the Hate America days covered in the public school curriculums. Just can’t figure out why all the down trodden oppressed people of the world want to come here illegally. Must be so they can participate in Illegals Who Code Day.

        1. Then my post apparently covers you as well. I have never understood why some white males regard giving a boost to other groups as somehow emasculating. You can give folks a hand up, even if you have tiny hands.

          Life isn’t a zero-sum game where women and other minorities can only do better if white males do worse. The talents of these Americans are a national resource that we should not squander.

          1. I have never understood why some small minded people like you have a problem recognizing the contributions of white males. Are you some sort of blancophobe”? Your intolerance of my desire to have my race and my gender recognized is disgusting.

            1. If you think that supporting equality for other groups constitutes an attack on your manhood, you can’t have much confidence in the ability of white males to compete on a level playing field. We could probably speculate on why you have so little confidence in your gender identity, but I was trained as a lawyer, not a psychiatrist.

            2. So, while everyone else has their rainbow days your hate of white men tells you to insult and be intolerant. I am taking away your TOLERANCE bumper sticker and your Rainbow flags. You have way too much hate.

    2. EXACTLY RIGHT Trondude and kent!

      This is a sexist initiative from the get go! If the Boy Scouts have to admit women, defying all common sense when the Girl Scouts exist, then young boys should be standing in line to be admitted into this private girl’s club.

      Stand up for your rights young boys and men everywhere and DEMAND entry into a SEXIST construct! It’s your right not to be discriminated against.

      Don’t expect CNN, MSNBC or the New York Times to visit your house and make you an activist star overnight. You don’t meet the qualifications, good, you don’t need the approval of the liberal PC media.

      Fox News coverage ratings dwarf those three combined where common sense people go to get PC FREE information. Looking forward to the first boy stepping up and his appearance on Fox & Friends. Good luck…

      1. They didn’t “have to admit women.” They made that decision voluntarily in response to falling membership.

        You are aware that the Girl Scouts and most feminist groups strongly oppose the decision by the male leadership of the Boy Scouts to invade their territory by drawing girls away from a female-oriented program and into a program that is and will still be dominated by males?

        No, I guess you weren’t.

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