“If Apple is advertising a quieter keyboard (without providing detail on how much quieter), shouldn’t the difference be immediately apparent to a first-time user? Why should we need high-grade equipment to prove what should be obvious to the ears?” Sam Lionheart writes for iFixit. “In a world where Apple once quietly introduced iPhone waterproofing without bragging about it, this seems like a[nother] strange instance of under-delivery. Since Apple informed their service providers that the membrane is ‘to prevent debris,’ we’re inclined to think any change in noise level really is just a secondary feature.”

“Okay, now to the nitty-gritty testing. We pumped this keyboard full of particulates to test our ingress-proofing theory. We started with a fine, powdered paint additive to add a bit of color and enable finer tracking (thanks for the tip, Dan!). Lo and behold, the dust is safely sequestered at the edges of the membrane, leaving the mechanism fairly sheltered,” Lionheart writes. “The previous-gen butterfly keys are far less protected, and are almost immediately flooded with our glowing granules.”

Dust largely stays around the exterior of the new silicone shield, but particles can make their way past the barrier over time. (Photo: iFixit)

Dust largely stays around the exterior of the new silicone shield, but particles can make their way past the barrier over time. (Photo: iFixit)

“When we’re finally able to peel the (absurdly thin) keyboard off of the aluminum case, we’re met with fields of clear silicone,” Lionheart writes. “That’s right—a single die-cut and molded sheet.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, we believe it’s due to legal reasons (pending class action lawsuits) that Apple doesn’t want to advertise that the keyboard changes are to prevent debris, not introduce some soundproofing for which nobody asked and only sound-monitoring equipment can discern.

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