“President Trump’s approach to trade qualifies as a master class in political negotiation. When he imposed steel and aluminum tariffs on several Group of Seven (G7) countries, Canada vowed to retaliate and the European Commission issued a press release opposing the tariffs as ‘protectionism, pure and simple,'” Fred Campbell writes for Forbes. “A matter of days after getting Europe and Canada to go on record as opposing tariffs as simple protectionism, Trump called their rhetorical bluff at the annual G7 Summit, where he proposed the elimination of all tariffs and subsidies.”

“When faced with the professed object of their desire, the other members of the G7 balked. Trump’s insistence on fair dealing revealed the truth about the G7’s approach to trade,” Campbell writes. “The other members of the G7 don’t want truly fair and open trade; they want rules that let them hold the U.S. to a free-trade standard while securing unfair advantages for themselves. Trump wisely recognized that the best way to make real progress on free trade is to make sure these countries have some skin in the game.”

“The Democratic Party’s version of net neutrality regulation works the same way as the G7’s ‘rules-based trade’ policy,” Campbell writes. “Democrats’ rules-based approach to net neutrality required internet service providers (ISPs) to give government-regulated access to their platforms while leaving Silicon Valley’s big tech platforms free to block and prioritize content as a means of maintaining their monopolies and pushing Democrats’ political agenda.”

“The inconvenient truth [is] that Democrats would rather protect big tech monopolies than protect consumers,” Campbell writes. “Republicans in Congress should call the Democrats’ bluff. The insight of the Trump doctrine is that negotiation is only possible if both sides have some skin in the game. If the Democrats insist on regulating net neutrality at the FCC, Republicans should insist that the FCC regulations apply to big tech monopolies. That’s how Trump would do it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote last December regarding the call by U.S. Senator John Thune (R-SD) for Congress to pass ‘net neutrality’ legislation:

There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. The former is harder, but lasting; the latter is quicker, but ephemeral.

Real net neutrality legislation is the solution to the FCC/FTC regulatory seesaw.

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