“Apple found itself in the thick of it when it quietly released an update, iOS 10.2.1, designed to fix a sudden shutdown problem on some iPhones,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Nigh Owl. “The problem is that Apple didn’t explain the nature of the fix… When the reduced performance was discovered, the usual Apple conspiracy theories were operative. Apple was throttling performance to convince you to buy a new iPhone. It was an evil plot to sell more product, all about planned obsolescence.”

“Apple admitted what it was doing, and explained why. But it was a case of too little and too late, and failed to prevent class-action lawsuits,” Steinberg writes. “The reasoning behind throttling performance on some iPhones with deteriorated batteries makes perfect sense. It’s all about the fact that Apple failed to properly communicate this information to its customers, a common problem. The release notes provided with software updates are almost always too brief and lack important details. Some software fixes are never even listed, leaving clever power users to figure out what was changed and the impact. Is there going to be a lasting impact?”

“The company needs to be more forthcoming with customers. You’d think they would have also learned that with the years of silence between the release of the Mac Pro in 2013 and the revelation that Apple knew it was a misfire and was working on a modular replacement that can be upgraded by users,” Steinberg writes. “So there are still lessons to be learned. Corporate secrecy has its place in a highly competitive environment. It doesn’t work when customers just need to know what’s going on with the expensive products they bought.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Because of the way Apple operates this sort of thing will happen again in the future. Apple would have to change their thinking about the customer, trust the customer’s intelligence, and address their penchant for secrecy where none is required or even advisable in order to fix the structural issues within Apple Inc. that creates these type of problems.

As has almost always been the case with Apple, unfortunately, transparency comes later, not sooner, and usually as a reaction to negative publicity.

A simple Knowledge Base article would have preempted all of this Reddit sleuthing and the attendant handwringing and erroneous presumptions.MacDailyNews, December 20, 2017

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