The booming Baby Boomer market for Apple Watch

“Today, wireless eldercare is already a big market. From using Find My Friends like apps to determine aging parents location, to giving them technology that can send instant alerts if they have fallen, need to contact a relative, or call 911,” Tim Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions. “Or they could even call them to see how they are doing. So there are now many ways for grown children to keep in touch with parents as needed.”

“But one of the un-reported technologies being used by elders is the Apple Watch, and more specifically, grown children buying them for their parents to encourage them to use it to monitor their health. This is quietly becoming a significant market for Apple,” Bajarin writes. “Although I cannot find any reports or numbers that tell us how grown children are buying many Apple Watches for their parents, I hear a lot of anecdotal feedback on this. And it makes sense.”

“Gen Xers and millennial’s are busy with their careers and family and have parents that are in their mid to late 60’s or early 70’s who are beginning to deal with health issues they did not have when younger. This younger generation has become more health conscious and is more in tune with using things like the Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc. to monitor their health and want their parents to do the same,” Bajarin writes. “All those I have spoken with who have bought Apple Watches for their parents say that they have a real concern for their parent’s health and are glad to have a wearable technology that can monitor the health and summon immediate help if needed. They also like that it motivates them to move and exercise too.”

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blockquote>MacDailyNews Take: Of course, without access to Apple’s Apple Watch sales data, this is anecdotal, but it’s certainly logical.

A cheap stupidwatch toy or a real Apple Watch? You and you loved ones’ lives could depend on making the right choice. And yes, Apple Watch requires a real iPhone, too. 😉

Note: The Baby Boom generation spans 18 birth years from 1946 to 1964.

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular) in Stainless Steel Case with White Sport Band (40mm left, 44mm right)
Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular) in Stainless Steel Case with White Sport Band (40mm left, 44mm right)
On the healthcare, in particular, and sort of your wellbeing, this is an area that I believe, if you zoom out into the future, and you look back, and you ask the question, “What was Apple’s greatest contribution to mankind?” It will be about health. Because our business has always been about enriching people’s lives. And as we’ve gotten into healthcare more and more through the Watch and through other things that we’ve created with ResearchKit and CareKit and putting your medical records on the iPhone, this is a huge deal. And it’s something that is very important for people. We are democratizing it. We are taking what has been with the institutions and empowering the individual to manage their health. And we’re just at the front end of this. But I do think, looking back, in the future, you will answer that question, Apple’s most-important contribution to mankind has been in health. — Tim Cook, January 8, 2019

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  1. If this article is saying Babyboomers are in “eldercare” I resemble that remark.

    But, for the record, I, a registered Boomer, have bought more Apple Watches for my kids who are in their 30s, than they have bought for me. Which is none. And whatever Apple stuff they have is due to me convincing them to buy quality over low price junk, which they might have done if left to their own instincts.

  2. Bought one watch for a 93:year old friend who lives in the boonies, and another one for me so I could learn how to use it and teach him. I intended to return mine to the store within 2 weeks because I couldn’t imagine needing it. But I now love the thing. And you can pry it out of my cold dead hands.

  3. I posted a comment about excess advertising on here and it was promptly deleted by sysadmin. Nice touch! So anyway I just discovered I can get all the Apple news I want on the Apple News Service. No adds. No censorship. No stupid comments. Thanks sysAdmin, you made my day. Bye!

    1. And the ad babbets are three stacked. I close one and there’s anpther underneath. I close that one and a third one is uncovered. Then the fourth ca’can’t be closed because it’s locked in.

  4. I was thinking a while back that as the primary reason for buying the watch is health issues, that it might inadvertently take on an “elder care” device aspect and start losing its appeal to younger people. I’ve got an 82 year old client with an AppleWatch. Thing constantly looks like a big old hospital tag on there tiny wrist.

        1. I was going by this sentence when I made my comment.

          “Gen Xers and millennial’s are busy with their careers and family and have parents that are in their mid to late 60’s or early 70’s who are beginning to deal with health issues they did not have when younger.”

  5. Seriously, I have only seen children and millennials wearing them in the wild in multiple states, and not in great numbers. Who are these phantom boomers (many of whom struggle enough with their phones as it is)?

    1. Not sure what “struggling boomers” you’re talking about…..I have an Apple Watch 4, an iPhone X, multiple Macs, an iPad…and am AT LEAST as capable with handling them as you may be. Probably not wise to stereotype when you don’t have the information.

  6. I own an iPhone XsMax and won’t be upgrading the hardware but I will upgrade the system to iOS 13. Survey doesn’t have a spot for iPhone owners who won’t be buying new hardware this year. Instead I plan to go from WATCH Series 3 to Series 5.

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