Rituals Cosmetics has migrated its entire business to Apple’s solutions

“Since launching at the turn of the century, Rituals Cosmetics now has over 670 stores worldwide and began its migration to Apple solutions all across its business in 2016,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “In a move that demonstrates just how rapidly the world of retail is switching to Apple, Ritual’s Joost van der Zwaan, IT Infrastructure Architect, told me: ‘We migrated to Apple because we realized that including modern technology in both our corporate and retail environments would empower an elevated and seamless retail experience for our customers.'”

“The company didn’t just rush into its Apple deployment – it piloted the solutions first, deploying just 20 MacBooks in its corporate HQ,” Evans writes. “Staff reacted positively and the company experienced time- and cost advantages sufficient to convince it to migrate the entire business from PC to Mac.”

“Within 12-months it had deployed 650 MacBook models, 700 iPads, 650 iPhones and 1,500 iPod devices across the firm,” Evans writes. “It has added another 1,700 systems since.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yet another success story of a large company using Apple solutions across its entire business!

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  1. The use of the word “solutions” is at least somewhat deceptive.

    What exactly do they mean by solutions?
    Certainly not Apple’s cloud services, which are not enterprise worthy.

      1. It’s not a matter of whether or not they will be OK.

        Apple doesn’t provide enterprise solutions. They really on 3rd parties for that. JAMF handles hardware and software management, but when the article refers to solutions or business solutions, it doesn’t mention what they are. Just the hardware purchased.

        I.e. there are no solutions.

        For example… Apple, I need 500 Macs of various configurations. I need to manage them. I need to control software licensing. I need volume licensing from the App Store in some cases. I need secure remote management. I do not need movies and music and all your other bullshit.

        Apple has no solutions for all of that. You have to create it.

        1. In spite of whatever difficulties there may be, they found Apple to be a lot better than staying with their previous system – presumably Winblows.
          Is Apple perfect? Certainly not.
          Is Apple the best overall solution? Apparently, for this company, yes… and the same for many others.

  2. Apple has an opportunity to do this better than anyone.

    Microsoft has solutions but the are horror stories. I needed to deploy 30+ licenses of Office to as many Macs this morning. I started at 06:00am. I couldn’t just do online without the help of 3 different representatives assisting me with navigating the continuously failing online services.

    It’s 09:52AM now. Pretty much just finished. Just to license 30 copies of software.

    Surely Apple can do better than this.

    Provide ACTUAL solutions.

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