“While most of us were installing, using, or writing about macOS Mojave, Apple made two big corporate announcements: The completion of the Shazam acquisition and the new deal with Salesforce,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

The Salesforce “deal is significant in so many ways. First, it shows how far Apple has come in terms of penetrating the enterprise IT market that was so closed to it for so very long; Second, it matters because Salesforce is the world’s most widely deployed customer relationship management (CRM) solution,” Evans writes. “To get a sense of the latter point, consider this: Salesforce handles over 2 trillion (trillion!) transactions every year.”

This is “a huge opportunity for Apple to grow its business around enterprise IT,” Evans writes. “This works the other way, also — as enterprises coalesce around iOS, any remaining friction still felt by Apple users when encountering legacy enterprise solutions will also erode, making the end user experience better. Eventually, businesses that insist on delivering legacy-style Windows-based services will fail or migrate because consumers will avoid such friction and choose vendors that deliver better customer experiences.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Businesses that insist on delivering legacy-style Windows-based services are already failing.

This is Apple’s world now (as it always should have been). Beaten-into-submission Microsoft just supplies boring, anachronistic Office apps to aging users who cannot adapt to new tools and methods of working more productively.

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