April 2007: When Apple stopped the rot

“Enterprise users are catching onto something many already recognize — regular software updates and feature improvements mean Apple products get better with age,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “This dependable future upgrade path is a huge advantage for Apple in the enterprise.”

“Apple planned for this when it began to use subscription accounting in April 2007,” Evans writes. “You see, while most of us were distracted by the iPhone launch, the company was already planning the next iPhone.”

“The move to adopt this form of accounting was because Apple wanted to deliver free software updates for its devices. Apple recognized that most users of existing mobile devices didn’t upgrade them regularly. It hoped that by delivering powerful updates for free, it would be able to motivate users to upgrade,” Evans writes. “It’s why the iPhone 8 will be a better smartphone when iOS 12 ships in fall, it’s why Apple Watch will be smarter; and it’s why iPads will become even more productive… This matters.

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MacDailyNews Take: Total Cost of Ownership. By leaps and bounds, Apple has long won this most important metric.

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    1. Surely you are not serious?
      1. Read the article.
      2. Think about how different this is from Windows or Android.

      And I am very sure you already know that difference. You’re just being your incessantly negative self.

      1. “Enterprise users are catching onto something many already recognize — regular software updates and feature improvements mean Apple products get better with age,”

        Not just Apple products.

    2. Jesus McCuck, Applecynic, you are truly a fuqwit troll who jus let doesn’t get it. Why don’t you just fuq off and get rid of all technology, you’re clearly way too dense to understand it.

            1. Politics used to be more like baseball. There was more quid pro quo, less hostage-taking. Sure there was the occasional bean ball, but nobody unloaded on the guy’s family. Even if you hated the damn Yankees, you had to hand it to DiMaggio. But nowadays, if guys aren’t on your team, they’re slime.. ?

              I have always puzzled over that kind of widespread emotional weakness – yes it is a weakness, when you feel that winning is the only important thing, even to the point of cheating and character assassination. It’s almost as though truth doesn’t really exist, except as a bunch of sayings the the winners get to assert.

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