What’s great about Apple’s CarPlay (and what still needs work)

“For a lot of us, not only is CarPlay just fine, it’s actually a great solution. And with iOS 12 coming later this year, it’s going to get even better thanks to some great new features,” Joseph Keller writes for iMore. “But just because something’s great for your needs as it exists doesn’t mean it can’t be improved, and there are a couple of major features that could really take CarPlay to the next level both for existing users, and those who haven’t tried the system yet.”

“The biggest thing that CarPlay gets right can be summed up in one word: simplicity. If you’re using the touchscreen to interact with CarPlay, most everything you’d need to do is just a couple of taps away,” Keller writes. “Siri has always worked well for me when I’m using CarPlay. Maybe it’s because I’m not trying to do as much with it while I’m driving, but Siri, as well as dictation, have always worked really well for me. Siri is always spot on when I’m playing an album or pulling up directions. It also enables some things that you can’t even do with your hands while using CarPlay, like HomeKit actions. You can make sure all of your lights are off if you think you left some on, or you can set your air conditioning to start up as you get closer to home.”

“While CarPlay meets my needs, for the most part, there are a few things that I still want to see from the system in future updates,” Keller writes. “The big one here, and it’s probably the single greatest advantage that Android Auto has over CarPlay, is the ability to run on the phone. While you need a compatible head unit to use CarPlay, Android users only need a mount for their phones. This is something that I’d really like to see Apple implement.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It shouldn’t be too difficult for Apple to allow CarpLay to run on the iPhone or iPad when mounted in a vehicle. (Unless Apple has business reasons for not doing so; i.e. deals with carmakers designed to sell more new cars with CarPlay.)

One thing CarPlay is especially good at is introducing or reintroducing people to Apple Maps where it gets a chance to overcome a bad first impression and prove its value.


    1. I thought the same thing when I bought my Kenwood, but then I realized that I almost never have to charge my phone anywhere but the car so I actually like the fact that it is wired. Now, if they could make a good wireless setup with a wireless charging pad, I’d get that. 🙂

  1. I’d like to SE my album artwork, in full crisp color. Not the zoomed in, blurry image you can hardly make out, unless you’re familiar with the album cover, we now have. At least give us the choice Apple!

    1. Or at least display the vehicles outdoor temp sensor someplace on the display (like right below the time).

      Temp is only displayed on the GM screens on the main screen, once CarPlay is selected – no way to see the temp outside.

  2. Apple should make a wireless CarPlay adapter. Something that plugs into the USB port of a CarPlay unit and connects to the iPhone via WiFi. It then functions as a wireless charging pad as well.

    There are a ton of wired CarPlay units in new cars being sold today and will be for quite a while.

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