Apple orders ‘Little America’ immigrant anthology series

“Apple has picked up to series Little America, a half-hour anthology series from Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, the Oscar-nominated writers of indie hit The Big Sick, SMILF executive producer Lee Eisenberg, Master of None co-creator/executive producer Alan Yang and Universal Television,” Nellie Andreeva reports for Deadline.

“Written by Eisenberg, who will serve as showrunner, Nanjiani and Gordon, Little America is inspired by the true stories featured in Epic Magazine and described on the site as ‘a small, collective portrait of America’s immigrants — and thereby a portrait of America itself,'” Andreeva reports. “Apple originally took in the project in February to develop for straight-to-series consideration. It is the second show developed at Apple under that model to go to series, joining drama Are You Sleeping starring Octavia Spencer.”

“Nanjiani is an actor-comedian who also starred in The Big Sick and co-stars on the HBO popular comedy series Silicon Valley,” Andreeva reports. “Last October, he made his Saturday Night Live hosting debut. He will next be seen in Universal’s untitled buddy cop comedy opposite John Cena.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple is obviously putting together a full slate for a huge “Apple TV” launch.

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  1. Apple is obviously putting the pieces in place for a massive leftist propaganda machine launch. Oprah, illegal immigration, LGBTQMZLK advocacy. Soon, Karl Marx Classics and Hugo Chavez and the Amazing Socialist Utopian Economy of Venezuela. Can’t wait for all this brilliant market oriented entertainment, hosted no doubt by Robert DeNiro and Peter Fonda.

    1. “Apple is obviously putting the pieces in place for a massive leftist propaganda machine launch.”

      You beat me to it — my first thoughts exactly. Exactly what Apple needs to steer clear of and get back to basics, like Macs and solid software …

      1. Apple’s idiot leftist political grandstanding will doom the effort to failure, just like it has doomed the News feature to failure, except this will be a huge failure. How many people would pay to see Al Gore’s movies? How many people pay to watch the Oscar nominated films, and how often are they shown on commercial TV. Also, just liked Apples idiot politics caused it to spend billions on an electric car venture that will never produce a car, but which was driven by stupid leftist religious belief that electric cars are not powered by coal plants. Which they are.

        1. Yeah, I remember all those high profile auto executive hires for Project Titan. Looking more like Project Titanic these days. Faifthfully tried Apple News and what you posted is accurate and simply gave it up. Apple needs more diversity, but not the usual definitions, they need to broaden appeal to everybody who is not a liberal. Oh wait, all leftists running the show, not going to happen. Cook needs to leave …

            1. You don’t recognize the newly created fake screen name and the MO? He wouldn’t know “truth” or “just the facts” if it hit him square between the eyes. I’ll give you a hint: Obsessed with turds, fellatio, felon and banned after a four-hour insulting tirade with Botty. Not worth the DIGNITY of a response …

  2. When this first went up, I wondered how long it would take for the usual suspects to start attacking Apple because its first choice for original programming wasn’t The Daily Stormer.

    Not long.

    1. Quite so. Thankfully, MDN’s entitlement weenies are far below Apple’s horizon and rightfully so, since sub IQ mouth breathers never invented, made or sold a single intelligent, useful or world changing idea.
      It they do make a lot of noise with their mutual irony_free backslapping.

    1. You are not allowed to deny support to illegal alien criminals. The immigration laws are made to be broken. The only laws that are to be enforced are the ones Paul Manafort and Scooter Libby and Mike Lynch broke – which nobody seems to know what they are. But, whatever Paul Manafort did in 2005, which Obama did not prosecute him for, he is now in solitary confinement for, even though he never had a trial. That sounds like a fitting punishment for TxUSER, since he likes that kind of justice. Book him Danno.

      1. Its amazing how The Lemmings have such a hard time distinguishing between legal immigration and illegal immigration, lawfulness vs criminality.
        respect for rule of law vs Anarchy.

        I wonder if all these mindless lemmings.. have fenced or walled yards? or if they lock their doors ……or if all is left open and clear for all to come and go as they please.

        Hypocracy has been eleveated to all time new heights …… … shockingly so.

        Add on top the fraud thats is known as media and geranlism… nothing more than tentacles for the powerful to manipulate the masses.
        One of the most corrupt institutions in US/world If not the most corrupt. And the country is run by them, no one else….. amassing lemming to mindlessly follow.

        Pathetic and sad.

  3. Apple is headed for media greatness. And it has a secret weapon it has been hiding. AL GORE. He is the visionary who built Al Jazeera into the to money making and world class content creator that it is now, before he sold it. AL GORE, Apple Board Member should be put in charge of this new area due to his amazing intellect and sense of what people want. That would be the cherry on top. Al would know how to massage things to make everything come together.

  4. Apple should definitely scoop up Keith Olberman and Rosie O’Donnell into very big long term contracts. They have huge fan bases that Apple could immediately monetize. Who doesn’t like Rosie and Keith? And maybe lock in some Sean Penn films.

  5. Sounds good for Apple but, as an aside, John Cena is a dye in the wool Rightwinger; I don’t patronize movies starring or directed or produced by Hollywood Rightwingers. And I don’t know if Kumail Nanjiani, Emily V. Gordon, and executive producer Lee Eisenberg are Rightwingers.

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