LG admits: iPhone loyalists are driving us crazy

“If you’re capable of sympathy, can you spare some for Android manufacturers?” Chris Matyszczyk writes for ZDNet. “They do all they (think they) can to compete with the iPhone, yet it rarely seems like enough.”

MacDailyNews Take: Rarely. As in: Never.

“Some keep their frustrations to themselves. I fear LG went to a fine psychologist who advised: /Poor thing. Just let it out,” Matyszczyk writes. “As my evidence, may I present a new ad emitted by the Korean phone maker?”

“‘What’s it going to take you to switch?’ screams LG through the characters in this ad. It’s as if the company thinks it’s done everything and you’d have to be a certified nincompoop or brain-frozen Apple employee not to go to the ThinQers’ side,” Matyszczyk writes. “In real life, however, it may not be so easy… Ah, if only LG could release a phone with iOS inside. [The iPhone user] Ryan [in LG’s ad] would leap at it, I’m sure.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: In the U.S.? Look around. iPhones, real iPhones, are everywhere. No wonder they’re so frustrated over at Lucky-Goldstar.

If it’s not an iPhone, it’s a knockoff from a South Korean toothpaste peddler.

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  1. It is really, really simple. I amazed that LG cannot figure it out.

    Why settle for second best? The walled garden in today’s atmosphere of ransomware, malware, virus, exploits really is attractive.

    Why subject yourself to nonsense when their are some many more important things to do with your life. Get an iPhone and forget about the mundane.


    1. Not so simple.

      You claim Apple is the best. But Apple has chosen LG to be exclusive screen supplier for iMacs , as well as all kinds of internals. MDN goes out of its way to poke at Samsung but Apple can’t deliver an OLED screen without them.

      Facts would indicate that all this Korean hardware is good enough for the product engineers at Apple. You are simply a pavlovian dog respofing to the brand logo on the outside.

      but the app store is better , you say? well since most blind fanboys don’t actually cross shop in real time, here’s a hint: same app developers port the same apps to both marketplaces.

      the difference is not in hardware or apps. the only reasons to pay the Apple premium for iOS is
      a. it’s the interface you know and you can’t stand change
      b. Apple claims privacy and security which obviously take more user effort on Android

      I wish item b. was guaranteed, but it isn’t. Item a. is not an Apple advantage anymore, the Apple guis have been on the decline for years.

      1. what’s not to get….

        A. the “interface” which is still the best by the way, comes with many, many Apps already bought and paid for (only need to updated), iMessage, Apple Music, the AppStore, Contacts already in place, a damn good camera, and an iOS which is updated regularly for security & bugs.
        B. privacy & security! seriously? see A.

        1. Come on. privacy and security go out the window as soon as the iOS user installs google apps, facefuck, tweets, and snapchat.

          And if you think the interfaces for iOS music, messages, wallet, etc are the most intuitive and convenient they can be , then explain why so few people use them well. I know many people who keep an old iPos because they cannot stand to use Apple’s shiteous music interface and craptastic Podcasts app on iPhone.

          maybe you aren’t the only person whose opinion matters. 80% of buyers choose Android, you know.

          1. it’s like “the point” has to bitch slap you in order for you actually understand.

            people are not switching because they’re happy with what they have all around on iOS. hence the loyalty. the trust.

            the zen of iOs is pretty hard to beat. just stop.

          2. “80% of buyers choose Android, you know.”

            PUH-LEASE try to not be soooo blazingly stupid. At least try to make your trolling somewhat logical.

            We all know – and you probably do too – that Apple rakes in the great majority of profit for the industry.

            1. The X sucks because it costs much more than an 8 with no better real world performance, and doing anything in landscape view is a pain. Dumb design, as MDM always said.

          3. @Realist:

            “80% of buyers choose Android, you know.”

            And now, let me finish that sentence for you:
            “…because everyone knows that cheaper is always better.”

            According to your logic, McDonalds must serve truly the best food in the world since they have more restaurants and sell more hamburgers & french fries than anyone else in the world.

            You’re delusional.

      2. Your basically a whack job. I never said Apple was the best. Granny doesn’t care where the screen comes from. She cares that everything works, and she doesn’t have to worry about shit being out of date, she doesn’t have to worry about fragmentation. She doesn’t have to worry about malware, etc. And she doesn’t need to listen to your sorry ass. I get i, your one of the countless haters out there, who hides behind a computer. In other words, a feckless moron who has mommy issues….

      3. You really make some assumptions there. Who says there are not iPhone users who also use Android. I am one of them and know others who do and we do see the difference between both platforms. For me,  products are Superior but for some Android users, it’s not. People also say iPhones are more expensive but don’t look at the total cost of ownership. That is how much you paid for it, the headaches you get from fending off viruses, apps that crash, phone freezing or crashing, phone lagging after 2 years of use and so much more. Put a price to they and you see iPhones are actually cheaper. Am still on an iPhone 6 and running latest iOS with minimal lag. That’s a 4 year phone still performing at its optimum. To me, it’s a matter of preference. If someone says  products are the best, that is valid and is true for them, same way if Android user says theirs is the best. I always see people bashing  on  focused forums But when I go to Android forums, very few bashing happening. Kind of makes me think who likes what more but pretends they don’t. I’ve heard from some Android users when I ask why not get an iPhone after they come to me to help with this and that problem with their android phone and the one theme I hear more is iPhones are too expensive. So that has been my experience using both phones and hearing from Android users. My Android is for me to get best of both worlds but my primary phone is an iPhone.

      4. What you fail to comprehend is that in this case the “whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts”. Such a simple concept that is so difficult for snowflakes to understand when it come to Apple

      5. Hey realist – Just a note about those OLED screens. You make it sound as though these are just off-the-shelf components. The truth is the screens are proprietary designs by Apple and are much more sophisticated, unique and have much higher specs, compared to the screens in Samsung’s own phones. Samsung is acting as a foundry for the screens; they are merely the grunts towing the line for Apple designs.

      6. There’s a misconception that contract manufacturers totally control the hardware. Apple is the architect, contract manufacturers are just the ‘contractors’ who do the work.

        For example:
        iPhone screens are not standard displays made by the contract manufacturers but specced and designed specially by Apple. Apple has large number of engineers working on iPhone displays.

        Last year we found out that the iPhone X had a screen that had screen brightness of 574 Nits, the Galaxy Note had 408 (i.e less bright) .

        The iPhone screen also had more layers than the Samsung and had different SOFTWARE to control it.

        Tom’s Guide : “Thanks to its True Tone display, the iPhone X can adjust its white balance to ambient lighting conditions.”

        Go read iPhone X King of OLED in Tom’s Guide. which ends with “. Ironically, Samsung is responsible for producing the OLED panels in both phones, but differences in tuning have resulted in two of the year’s very best, albeit very different, smartphone displays.”.

        (Note: the only places where Android screens dominate in reviews are ones where artificial bubble gum glow colours are valued vs the realistic iPhone displays)

        Even if they have the tech contract manufactures often don’t put the best stuff into their own phones as the realize their customers (Android users) are used to crap. Samsung puts chips like cheaper third party Snapdragons into many of their top phones and not the more expensive Samsung Exynos.

      7. Wow, the lack of understanding of manufacturing is astounding.

        It is not as if Apple calls Samsung and says, “we need some of your OLED screens. Apple creates their own, and then hires a manufacturer to follow their ‘recipe’.

      8. The Samsung/LG/etc who makes screens and other components aren’t literally the same people who make their own phones. That said, what it ultimately boils down to is that Apple control the hardware and software so if they need/want to do something they can. All these other companies are reliant on Android and cobbling their own stuff on top of that to try and get a unified experience.

  2. Old ladies in my church ask me to help them set up theirs free android phones and IT’S A NIGHTMARE. I don’t even know where to start. The software is counter-intuitive and slow, with choppy screen transitions and baffling features.

    Honestly, I can think of no human being on earth who could convince me to switch. If we were talking money, I’d probably ask $5,000/year for pain and suffering. Wouldn’t take a penny less.

    1. I’m convinced going forward, if Apple further separates itself from competitors with security and privacy features, AAPL’s future success is more than secure. The “wild” is only going to get wilder and the security/privacy moat is AAPL’s like gold.

    2. This has been and continues to be my experience. Colleagues at work come to me for help with their Android phones and it’s a nightmare. Yes, iPhone users also come from time to time but it’s such a breeze and joy helping them out because it just goes so well in 99 cases. You know when a colleague comes and asks for help and I see it’s an iPhone, i smile within 😀 but wen an Android, am like gosh may i not loose it.

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