Apple revs up their own music publishing business

“Last week, Apple Music announced it was setting up a global music publishing division, raising eyebrows in the music world, with industry insiders wondering what the move meant,” Talib Visram writes for CNNMoney. “Typically, music publishers work with songwriters, helping with the creative process and ensuring they collect royalties for their compositions. But Apple Music said this won’t be the role of its new division.”

“An Apple Music spokesperson said that the launch of a music publishing department is not a shift into signing songwriters directly,” Visram writes. “Instead, it’ll allow the streaming service to work more closely and effectively with music publishers that represent songwriters.”

“Publishing experts believe this is a legal move to ensure songwriters are fairly paid from streaming,” Visram writes. “But industry analysts say this closer connection could also indicate that Apple Music hopes to earn early releases and unique events… Apple Music’s move to establish a music publishing division is likely a largely legal decision. Apple hopes to make the royalties process cleaner for its accountants. It’ll be headed by Elena Segal, a lawyer who was previously legal director of iTunes International.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple is smart to do whatever it takes to make Apple Music the artists’ favorite streaming service.

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  1. Apple seems to be inserting itself into the middle of the music streaming process in order to get a cut of the service, so this insertion is to increase its bottom line. I am confident that anything it charges will be worth it.

  2. Its another Nicke and dime action by Apple having already chopped up albums into tiny out of context pieces the then went to paying for micro plays in streaming and now they will skim down what tiny royalties are left by adding another process that is only to the benefit of their own bottom line.

    If Artist are dumb enough not to understand that since Apple got into music. The music creators have been nothing more than a loss leader in their personal goal to sell products.
    Just like the supermarkets selling tv’s and irons for cost to attract more people to buy their food.
    If they truly believe in the Artist they would allow album sales as the artist intended not slice it all up just so they can collect all those nickels that make them billions and the Artist nothing but pennies from a musical story (album) that has been hacked into pieces and so will never be understood in the context of the album.
    step back look at how Apple has forced their way of selling artist albums and then you can see thats not support for the artists it’s just a way to maximise profits for the distributor (Apple). This publishing move will be no different.

    1. “If they truly believe in the Artist they would allow album sales as the artist intended” Apple does sell Albums on its site. You can also buy individual tracks. Artists doing business with Apple have much more exposure, I think, then those doing business with ONLY the record label. My understanding is that Apple’s share of the pie isn’t greater than what others get.

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