Apple’s new ResearchKit API monitors Parkinson’s disease symptoms on Apple Watch

“Apple is adding a new ‘Movement Disorder API’ to its open-source ResearchKit framework that will allow Apple Watch to continuously monitor Parkinson’s disease symptoms,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac.

“The new API will provide app developers using ResearchKit the ability to offer passive, all-day monitoring via an Apple Watch running watchOS 5,” Kahn reports. “To achieve this the API will monitor two very common symptoms of Parkinson’s including Tremors, indicated by shaking and quivering detected by the Apple Watch, and Dyskinesia, a side-effect of treatments for Parkinson’s that causes fidgeting and swaying motions in patients.”

Kahn reports, “Apple noted that it designed and piloted the new API using data collected from Parkinson’s patients in internal clinical studies.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back in May 2015:

This is Apple changing the world for the better. Contribute to ResearchKit if you can.

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  1. Apple often gets pummeled in the media for errors, actual or perceived. But Apple could counter that negativity be publicizing all of the benefits that Apple has provided.

    As has been mentioned numerous times on this forum, Apple should air a series of advertisements about Apple’s commitment to and protections for personal privacy. In addition, Apple should inform the public about all of its Kits, particularly ResearchKit and HealthKit. Those ads would target important public concerns and gain Apple a great deal of goodwill.

    These things need to be known. And they don’t have to come across as sales/marketing gimmicks, either. The goodwill will increase interest in Apple products, and that interest will increase sales.

    Speak, Apple! Speak! Publicize the good things that Apple has done for workers in its supply chains, renewable energy, environment, recycling, privacy rights, accessibility to the disabled, etc. Let the world know that Apple does not just Think Different, it *is* Different!

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