“In a surprise announcement recently, Apple Inc. preceded the debut of its new line of connected watches by unveiling ResearchKit, a medical research platform that has demonstrated its powerful potential with the first five applications,” Zen Chu and Maulik Majmudar write for Fortune. “The open-source ResearchKit and evolving HealthKit promise new ways for apps and researchers to gather sensor and health data that will enable faster clinical insights at lower cost.”

“As in other product categories, Apple has used thoughtful design and its market strength to create a powerful new platform that lowers the barriers to creating apps,” Chu and Majmudar write. “ResearchKit promises to benefit researchers, physicians and patients across a spectrum of diseases, from rare diseases to widespread chronic diseases that make up the majority of healthcare costs.”

“For those of us active in creating and investing across the future of digital health, 2015 presents a plethora of opportunities to fundamentally change the business models and experiences of healthcare globally,” Chu and Majmudar write. “The complexities of proving healthcare efficacy, value, and adoption still exist but the Golden Age of Digiceuticals is now accelerating.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yet again, Apple makes a dent in the universe!

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