“It was a big evening for Apple fans, as the biggest company in the world announced the latest round of updates to its products and gave us more details on a whole new one,” James O’Malley writes for Tech Digest.

“The most transformative new Apple product came earlier in the evening, as Cooked announced ‘ResearchKit,’ which will sit alongside Apple’s Health app and let users participate in medical research,” O’Malley writes. “It seems that the next frontier for smartphones is helping cure disease.”

“It’ll do this using two things that a smartphone can do: It’ll share your health data with healthcare providers (such as your step count and heartbeat – which your iPhone and Apple Watch will do), but it will augment this with specialist apps developed by medical professionals,” O’Malley writes. “Sounds brilliant, right? But get this – on a macro scale, it could be even more amazing. Typically medical trials only usually involve a relatively small number of people, answering vague questions. The sort of tech we see in ResearchKit means that trials could have thousands (if not millions) of participants, all sharing much more detailed data – which will hopefully lead to better and faster cures…”

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