1. I believe that ‘Stacks’ in the Finder (or the equivalent, I don’t remember if it had a different name) existed in OS 9 (and/or as a 3rd party Finder mod tool in early OS X?) over 15 years ago (maybe more). While I like the concept of the idea, it was for some reason, dropped from the Finder. It was replaced with the View Content (of a folder in the Dock) with Fan, Grid and List. Also back then, performance of the MacOS system was impacted when you had dozens of icons on the Desktop, as each icon had the same OS resource need as a whole window (finder or app) being open concurrently (don’t know if today there is the same level of overhead). I am curious as to why it has been resurrected so many years later?

  2. Winsowshade was the best. And the idea that you cant color code a doc of file but with the stupid little category colored dot is insane. its not viewable. useless, but any improvement is greatly appreciated.

    1. Window shade that’s a name from the past. Used it but can’t remember much about it. Will have to look it up.
      I remember when we not those horrible lozenges to colour file names, thought they were truly an abomination, but hell these days I would love to have them back so as to make files stand out at a glance. That said being able to add multiple colour dots has proved very useful in sense of workflow when working on a series of multiple files that have different stages of amends, as long as you are organised.

    2. These are examples of old Mac features relegated to a dusty list of stuff to restore to the Mac over time as filler used to quell the kiddies.

      Meanwhile, from third party developers:
      • WindowMizer from RGB World, Inc.
      • TotalFinder from Binary Age.

      …And having to fiddle around customizing the Safari Toolbar in order to create space where you can click and drag the window. I’ve ranted at Apple about their stupid removal of the window bar in Safari several times. I have to wonder if returning the Safari window bar is on that dusty old list as well. Take away, call it innovation; Bring it back, call it innovation. Idiotic. NOT the Apple Way.

  3. I am surprised how stable even the first beta of Mojave is. I’ve got installations on two Macs, very stable. Much better than one could expect from a first beta. Very good.

  4. Just make certain the Finder is STABLE please, Apple. Every time the Finder has been ‘improved’ in the past, it has suffered from Version 1.0 Syndrome where it likes to CrashCrashCrash until months after an OS release when someone bothers to fix it again. I never look forward to new Finder features precisely for this reason. Start up the *Sigh* Machine… ⚙⚙

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