Xiaomi unveils ‘Mi 8’ knockoff of Apple’s iPhone X

“Chinese technology firm Xiaomi held a product launch event in Shenzhen today and unveiled the Mi 8, a 6.21-inch OLED smartphone that most observers would agree bears more than a passing resemblance to Apple’s flagship iPhone X,” Tim Hardwick reports for MacRumors.

“Xiaomi’s Mi 8 isn’t the first recent smartphone to sport an iPhone X-esque notch and probably won’t be the last, but there are several other similarities between the two devices that are worth highlighting,” Hardwick reports. “For example, the cellular signal, battery, and Wi-Fi symbols sit either side of the notch, just like in iOS 11. In addition, the higher-tier Mi 8 model features the Xiaomi equivalent of Animojis as well as facial authentication – two tentpole features of Apple’s iPhone X. ”

Hardwick reports, “Flipping over the Mi 8 reveals a rear dual-lens camera system in vertical orientation, giving the back of the device an appearance that could be easily mistaken for Apple’s smartphone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Actually, it’s nothing like the iPhone: There’s a fscking awful blue one that looks like it has a Five Below bargain bin case slapped on it, a seemingly-random chin, a dog-slow off-the-rack processor, and a shitty, insecure, off-the-shelf wannabe iOS that’ll very likely never be upgraded as it tramples all over your privacy.

Why would anyone would choose a derivative, choppy, insecure OS that runs roughshod over your privacy on hardware that’s handicapped with dog-slow off-the-shelf chips and stuck with apps that are usually second-rate ports from iOS at their very best?MacDailyNews, May 10, 2018

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  1. … and I thought everyone absolutely hated THE NOTCH. Sometimes, I really don’t understand humans. Why would smartphone companies be duplicating some feature that supposedly everyone hated. All I kept hearing was, “Eww, that iPhone X notch is an abomination.” Seriously, why would the Android community copy it if it was so horrible.

    I never thought the sensor notch was that big of a deal, and I certainly knew why it was being used. I was certainly surprised most tech reviewers couldn’t deal with it.

    I’m curious to find out if people are still going to make a big deal of it now that many smartphone manufacturers are using a notch for their sensors. Why waste good space if you can use it to display useful data?

    1. People hate the idea of the first to incorporate a notch, just as they hated the first to leave out a headphone jack or do without a keyboard. People hate change.

      However once people get to try these things in reality, they initially become useful ideas to copy and suddenly become the obvious and only way for new devices.

      1. “and I thought everyone absolutely hated THE NOTCH.”
        Nah. Just the perennial whiners.

        “and suddenly become the obvious and only way for new devices.”
        Which was, of course, predicted by everyone who was not a petulant whiner.

        1. The notch is not there to show off design prowess.
          Its there as necessity to house the 3d cam.

          Others dont knock it off Becouse its a good design….
          They knock it off to look like an iPhone.

          Why? .. same reason as people wearing fake watches, purses,..merchandise.

    2. MDN you are supporting and subsidising Android by hosting various Google ads in your website. Your take is shamelessly hypocritical. Grow some balls and use non google ads in your website. The current ads are annoying

  2. Hey. Too funny! I just got a blue and black case for my iPhone 6 Plus from Five Below last night. Seriously. The battery in my Mophie case had failed and I wanted a cheap case. For 5 bucks, I am very happy with it. Besides most stores no longer carry cases for an iPhone 6 Plus.

    For a newer iPhone model I would spend more for a nicer case.

  3. I can think of several reasons. First, the lower price – these devices will be discounted way below their retail price from the start. You will see BOGOF offers shortly. Second, ignorance. Most people are not technically savvy and do not understand the issues. They just turn their phones on and use them. Plus, ignorance is bliss, as the saying goes. They really don’t want to know because then they might feel compelled to take some action or, at least, become concerned. Third, laziness – see the last part of ignorance. Fourth, disinformation. People are being intentionally misled with respect to the degree yto which their information is being mined and exploited through Google and Android. pole has strong policies to protect user privacy, and businesses (including Google) still circumvent them to get at your data. Just imagine the degree of access that these companies have when you are using an Android device.

    Protection of my personal privacy is sufficient, by itself, to maintain my loyalty to Apple and its ecosystem.

    1. Ah, but they be not proud! Check out the link I tossed in a post below:
      Chinese president Xi seeks innovation independence
      ‘Self-innovation is the only way for us to climb the world’s technological peaks’


      Not gonna happen, President-For-Life Xi Jinping. Dump the ‘communism’ and try again.

  4. It’s not a notch. The phone has a chin, and a forehead, but they carved some more screen out of the forehead, ears, so that you can see your wireless signal, battery charge, etc.

  5. China: Criminal Nation, continues its rampage of ripping off the world in order to claw its way into technological modernity.

    Meanwhile, President-For-Life Xi Jinping is frustrated and wants the very thing his incentive destroying communist government is incapable of inspiring. So sad:

    Chinese president Xi seeks innovation independence
    ‘Self-innovation is the only way for us to climb the world’s technological peaks’

    Chinese president Xi Jinping has given a major speech on the country’s science and technology agenda, and signalled that China will innovate for itself rather than source technology from the rest of the world.

    ‘Source’? He means rip off, hack, steal, abscond with, rob, pinch, nobble, scrump, plagiarize, poach, lift, snatch, nick, crib, copy, misappropriate, knock off, bone, loot, pilfer, peculate, defalcate, go walkies.

    Communism is a dead end of creativity. Sorry Karl Marx. The world of humans requires methods of killing off predatory, abusive, greed-driven, parasitic, self-destructive, negative ‘capitalism’ while promoting Quality Capitalism. Your philosophy isn’t it Karl. You’re a FAIL.

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