Verizon shows 5G going the distance

“Verizon may not have to put a 5G cell site every four blocks to provide high-speed coverage to homes,” Sascha Segan reports for PC Magazine. “In a new video, the carrier shows off its test results with longer-distance and non-line-of-sight 5G connections, showing that it may be easier than previously thought to blanket cities with wireless, gigabit home connections.”

“Of the several possible approaches to 5G, Verizon is starting with millimeter wave frequencies, which are shorter-range than standard cellular frequencies but can transmit huge amounts of data. Millimeter wave cell sites aren’t large, but there need to be a lot of them,” Segan reports. “They’re backpack-sized boxes that fit on light poles or the sides of buildings.”

“MmWave’s range will define how easy it is to install Verizon’s new 5G home service throughout cities, and how good the coverage for future mmWave-based mobile systems will be,” Segan reports. “It shows a 5G connection maintaining 1Gbps at 3,000 feet from a radio node… Verizon also showed a 960Mbps connection through a wall and a window, from a tower that looked to be a fourth to a third of a mile away… Those speeds make Verizon’s upcoming home service competitive with cable and fiber.”

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MacDailyNews Take: 5G will provide much of the U.S. with real ISP choices which, thanks to competition, will ensure true Net Neutrality regardless of which political party happens to control the FCC’s puppet strings or whether congress can ever pass any “net neutrality” legislation.

Real competition will ensure true Net Neutrality far more effectively and efficiently than FCC rules which can be changed on a whim or hard and fast laws with virtually guaranteed unintended consequences stifling innovation.

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      1. According to MDN, net neutrality is bad. The whole purpose of corporations is to trample citizens rights and punch loopholes though the antiquated constitution, didn’t you know? Just buy whatever Verizon tells you is new and good.

          1. What are you, anonymous coward ‘Regular Reader’? A shill for Verizon? Mike nailed it, twice. You think anyone with intelligence over the age of 10 puts up with propaganda against REAL Net Neutrality? FCC Director Ajit Pai had to LIE to the public in order to get his mean little way, derailing REAL Net Neutrality. That shouts volumes about his obsession with licking the boots of the ISP and Internet media corporatocracy. It’s a DUH thing. It’s abuse of We The People.

            1. I always enjoy getting under the skin of hate and stupidity mongers like yourself. You love it, don’t you? It’s your form of pleasure to be abused. No wonder you keep yourself anonymous.

  1. As this article indicates, the 5G standard remains nowhere near completion. It’s still being tested. People living near the 5G ‘Millimeter wave cell site’ boxes are still concerned about their EM exposure and its consequences. All this 5G-in-the-news stuff remains only premature hype Hype HYPE!

    Apparently, the point of the premature hype-fest is to lure customers over to Verizon. Considering that 5G coverage, IMHO, remains three years out from now, at the very least (iCal me, please!), this is all marketing blether and nothing more.

    Meanwhile, hammering out the actual 5G standard continues. Meanwhile, I still cannot access REAL 4G (LTE Advanced) anywhere, despite Apple having sold REAL 4G compatible iPhones for over 2.5 years. That’s shameful. That includes shame on Verizon. 😛

    1. Both AT&T and Verizon have oversold their LTE capability. Both have MVNOs accessing their towers and in most congested urban areas the speeds are not that special.

      Remember that the next time some “expert” tries to sell you on not needing WiFi. I was visiting a YMCA yesterday where there was No Service on AT&T LTE, but Comcast (closed and password protected) WiFi was readily available in addition to the Y’s open network. Without it no data, no phone and no internet.

  2. If it is Verizon I promise you will get far less than you pay for.
    They used the LTE changeover to pry unlimited data plans from iPhone customers, just imagine what the price will be for 5G.

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