Gene Munster: Apple will release Apple Glasses late in 2021

“AR wearables a great fit for Apple,” Gene Munster writes for Loup Ventures. “Futurist Charlie Fink sums up AR best: ‘The world is going to be painted with data.’ Tim Cook agrees, and in 2017 said, ‘AR is one of those huge things that we’ll look back at and marvel at.’ Cook is doing everything in his power to advance the theme, as evidenced by three developments in 2017 including; releasing an AR development platform (ARKit), shipping dedicated AR optics in the iPhone X, and purchasing SensoMotoric (a wearable computer vision technology).”

“We believe AR is real and Apple will be a beneficiary,” Munster writes. “We expect Apple’s AR theme to play out in three phases. First, this fall we expect 2 to 3 new iPhones to join iPhone X with advanced optics for AR (VCSEL arrays). Second, AR apps built using ARKit will slowly become the next gold rush for developers, led by games, ecommerce, and education. Last, we expect Apple will release Apple Glasses late in 2021.”

“AR is better hands-free. We’re not made to experience the world holding up a tiny window. Our arms and eyes get tired. Glasses solve that problem, but they also create a problem by breaking a social dynamic around privacy,” Munster writes. “We expect minuscule wearable adoption until the utility of an AR wearable offsets the negative social dynamic. Simultaneously, the technology must advance to a point where the design of the glasses is not a negative factor (as we’ve seen with smart watches). Once that happens, wearables will likely go mainstream.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Boy, we hope Apple can do it right as soon as 2021!

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  1. I’m long on liquidmetal until this date. I think the need for light strong alloys for small electronics will be a perfect use-case for the material. Hope so anyhow!!

  2. Gee in the meantime it’d be nice if Apple could figure out a way to provide decent high end Mac Pro’s for the professional market. I mean, if they have time and resources to do that that is. I wouldn’t want to push them into doing something so terribly obvious.

    1. They promised to do so but they’re taking their fscking time. Damn Apple, putting their engineers to work on pie-in-the-sky projects just like Google, relying on their cash cow to see them through while they dick around with “interesting” tech. Both companies are too rich, fat and happy to really bother trying to change the world any more. If they manage to do so it will be an accident. It’s disgusting. The Steve Jobs motto “stay hungry” apparently only works as a motivator if you’re actually hungry.

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