Apple executive Eddy Cue to be deposed in Qualcomm patent battle

“Apple Inc. executive Eddy Cue will be questioned by Qualcomm Inc.’s lawyers as part of a legal battle between the companies over billions of dollars in patents and licensing fees,” Mark Gurman and Peter Blumberg report for Bloomberg. “On Friday, San Diego Federal Judge Mitchell D. Dembin ordered Cue to be deposed in the case, granting a Qualcomm request and turning down Apple’s arguments against the move.”

“In November, Qualcomm filed a motion to depose Cue. Apple pushed back stating that Cue’s role overseeing services made him unrelated to the case,” Gurman and Blumberg report. “Qualcomm cited past Apple statements pinpointing Cue as one of the lead negotiators when the iPhone launched in 2007 exclusively on AT&T Inc.’s network in the U.S.”

“Apple and Qualcomm agreed in April to schedule a deposition of Cook in June,” Gurman and Blumberg report. “Apple has made other executives available, including Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams, marketing head Phil Schiller, hardware technologies lead Johny Srouji, and former wireless software chief Isabel Mahe, according to legal filings.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Imagining the extent of Cue’s deposition:

“Without Steve Jobs, I couldn’t get ink in a stationery store. Steve handled the iPhone negotiations with Cingular, not me. I was out getting bottled water for Steve and shopping for comfortable shirts.”

Regardless, hopefully, when all of this is said and done, Qualcomm’s unreasonable, illogical, and irrational licensing scam, which charges a percentage of the total cost of all components in the phone, even non-Qualcomm components, will go the way of the dodo.

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  1. This is a desperate move by Qualcomm. It’s their lawyers picking on Apple’s most incoherent executive in an attempt to paint Apple as equally incoherent. I hope this blows up in their deceitful faces and multiplies damages paid to Apple by 10x.

    And then I woke up.

    I’m always nattering on about how TechTardiness is Rampant. No where more so than in the justice system. Qualcomm should have been quaking in their shoddy boots and already settled with Apple. Instead, they’re counting on yet another Justice Lucy Koh style clown show where the lawyers win and everyone else loses.

      1. The suffix tard refers to lagging behind. In that sense the United States can be understood to be in a governmental state of wilful retrogression. It is sad that any great country decays. This has happened countless times throughout human history, and I feel certain that each time, there was a Road Warrior who dispensed his ironic observations whilst sitting in a safe place, geographically isolated and psychologically alienated, from the subjects of his high philosophical disdain.

      2. It’s a human trend, sad to say. We’re limited creatures, ‘wise wise’ only relative to our ancestors. That seems to be a theme this week. And let’s be fair, there are plenty of tards of various sorts in the UK as well. The manipulation job that was Brexit stands out as a highlight of herd behavior in response to verifiably deceitful propaganda shoved at the ignorant masses who had no idea what Brexit really meant. Even the Conservatives who shoved the stupid thing are trying to figure out what they have wrought.

    1. If outsiders (besides the MDN crowd) also easily see Eddie Cue as the weakest executive perhaps it’s time for Apple anf Tom Cook to revisit Eddie’s accelerated retirement schedule.

  2. For a second I thought the headline said Eddy Cue was to be disposed of. And this immense thrill rose through my body. I was literally so excited for about 50ms until my brain processed the rest of the post. “…in Qualcom Patent Battle.” 😞

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