Gizmodo reviews Apple’s new $329 iPad: Likely all the iPad you need

“It’s rare for Apple to make a reasonably priced product that is also excellent. The AirPods—love ‘em or hate ‘em—are an example of this happening. The new iPad is another,” Adam Clark Estes writes for Gizmodo. “It’s good. It’s not great! But it’s probably all the iPad you need.”

“After using the new iPad for a week, I’m convinced. The Pencil is awesome and fun. I like to draw, and drawing with the Pencil is a blast,” Estes writes. “The value proposition is about a lot more than just the new Pencil compatibility, though. The new iPad is not only fast and powerful. It’s also lightweight and a joy to hold.”

MacDailyNews Note: Apple Pencil performs best with iPad Pro.

“If you want to buy an iPad now, it’s a bad idea to pay for the Pro. Everyone expects Apple to debut a new iPad Pro with Face ID in a couple months,” Estes writes. “As a firm believer in the convenience of this feature, I think it might be worth waiting for Face ID in a more powerful and much more expensive iPad at that point in time. Even still, if you’re willing and able to spend half a grand on a tablet, good for you. Yet if you want the best value, the new iPad just makes terrific sense. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: For casual users, yes, the “cheap” iPad is “good enough.” For everyone else — those who multitask and need more than 2GB RAM, those who appreciate ProMotion and True Tone, those who use Apple’s Smart Keyboard, those with iPhone X units who now can’t stand the antiquated Home button and Touch ID — wait to see what Apple has up their collective sleeve for this year’s iPad Pro.

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  1. I am very tempted but not desperate to replace my current iPad 3 Retina that i bought for £399 all those years ago. I use it regularly and am very happy with it. Would like to get the new entry level iPad for £319, but given i am not desperate, i will wait for the next gen iPads with the edge to edge screen design like the iPhone X and then make a decision. I can wait a little more as my current iPad 3 retina is doing great service

  2. I will upgrade to the the Face ID iPad Pro as soon as it is available. It is a can’t live without feature. However, many people I know with older iPads are buying this one. Many are getting the Pencil as well. Seems like a mini super cycle of iPad upgrades may be happening. My wife still uses and loves her original version, 16GB, iPad mini. These iPads just keep working.

    1. I can’t live without the home button. I just picked up a 10.5″ iPad Pro an hour ago.

      I thought about the 2018 iPad, but it’s still using the same screen technology as my 6 year old 3rd gen iPad. I found that difficult to swallow. The new 10.5″ laminated display, will feel like much more of an upgrade.

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