“On March 27, Apple announced an updated version of its low-cost 9.7-inch iPad,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “Although there’s a lot of debate as to whether the new iPad can effectively capture both mind-share and market share from Chromebooks in education, there is one way in which Apple’s new iPad is vastly superior to virtually every Chromebook in existence: performance.”

“The Intel chips that typically power Chromebooks are Intel Celeron processors, the lowest-end processors in Intel’s notebook processor product stack,” Eassa writes. “For some perspective, here’s how the A10 Fusion compares to the Intel Pentium N4200 (this is a step up from the typical Celeron processors found in Chromebooks) in CPU tasks as measured by the Geekbench 4 processor test: The A10 Fusion is nearly 2.3 times faster than the Pentium N4200 in single-core performance, and despite having half as many active cores, it also beats the Pentium N4200 by 23.7% in multicore performance. This kind of delta is, to put it mildly, enormous.”

“In graphics performance, the A10 Fusion also dramatically outclasses the Pentium N4200,” Eassa writes. “In the popular 3D Mark Ice Storm performance test, the Pentium N4200 achieves a graphics score of 27,607, while the A10 Fusion achieves a whopping 62,829.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Too bad the only thing too many U.S. public school buyers care about is initial sticker price.

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