iOS 11 is such a bugfest that Apple gave one an unintended cameo in latest iPhone X ad

“Think iOS is buggy?” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet. “You’re not alone, and the bugs are now so commonplace that Apple didn’t even spot the cameo appearance of one in its latest ad for the iPhone X.”

“The bug, which was spotted by the eagle-eyes of Benjamin Mayo of 9to5Mac, involves the text of an iMessage briefly appearing outside of the notification bubble on the lock screen,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “What’s doubly embarrassing for Apple is that Mayo says that he reported this bug ‘months ago’ and Apple closed the bug report.”

“Now, I’ll be the first to admit that this is a small thing. Compared to some of the bugs that iOS has suffered as of late (and for that matter, some of the bugs it still has), this is nothing,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “But it’s significant for a number of reasons: First, it made it into an Apple ad; No one noticed the bug (or, alternatively, cared that it was visible); [and] It’s been reported for months and not fixed.”

An iOS 11 bug appears in an Apple iPhone X ad
An iOS 11 bug appears in an Apple iPhone X ad

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MacDailyNews Take: If you think this bug is much ado about nothing, you’re a perfect candidate to work for Tim Cook’s Apple.

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. — Steve Jobs

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  1. Apple is now Microsoft plain and simple. I’m sick of all these Bug Ridden iOS and macOS updates they put out every damn year! APPLE WE DON’T NEED A NEW OS EVERY YEAR! How about one every two to three years once all the bugs are gone, and I’ll be willing to pay for it like we use to do???

    1. Everyone is bitching about how buggy iOS 11 is. I haven’t encountered a single one. iOS 11 works flawlessly on my iPhone X. All of the bugs that people have been shrieking about are little more than glitches.

      I utterly despise the “fake news” for clicks culture that has invaded tech journalism.

        1. This is not a bug. It is, at most, an aesthetic compromise. There is no device malfunction, no error in the data displayed. Who cares if, for a tiny fraction of a second, the background animation isn’t perfectly synchronized with a tiny block of text?

          I’ll tell you who cares: Apple haters who don’t own Apple products, and tech bloggers who are hunting for clicks.

          1. I am not an Apple hater. I own one of every Apple branded product category out there (minus the HomePod…yet).

            I care!

            If Apple can’t sweat the small details then what else will get past their radar.

            It’s about quality plain and simple. We pay a premium for Apple quality. All these bugs, glitches, whatever you choose to call them, they are an embarrassment because that’s the kind of thing that make it through shitty quality control, like Android or Windows. Not Apple.

            1. Exactly; It’s the impression of elegance that has been weakened by t his little, very little, oversight which I call an error. Extreme geeks, of course, don’t mind and they would be perfectly happy with such instances of unrefinement, but Apple is not selling only to geeks, and it’s selling an impression, a style to non-geeks. This stuff matters to them.

      1. Reporting that IOS 11 is buggy, may not to your liking, but it is not fake news. IOS has been getting worse year on year, quality standards have slipped badly you just have to face the truth.

      2. If I’m going to pay $1000 for a phone, I expect better. And I won’t touch PC or Android with a ten foot pole, I’m all Apple. Just because YOU haven’t encountered a problem, this is fake news? You sound very narrow-minded.

    2. WOW! They slowed down the animation and showed that the message itself had already been displayed AFTER the iPhone had been unlocked by either FaceID or TouchID. Why wait for the animation? The animation is nice, but unnecessary to the content of the message. Whoop-de-doo. Content is king.

  2. I’d call it a trite ad. Talk about beating the horse dead with repetitive drama that adds little to the story? I guess they needed the extra length to highlight the bug?

  3. Apple: Oh my gosh we’re like, so sorry. Like, our customers totally deserve better, hyuck hyuck. While Microsoft just looks on and calls out Apple as a luxury company, makes apps to help the blind be independent, and moves forward at lightning speed while Apple stands there, mouth agape, trying to follow Amazon and Google with their own supposedly good speaker with a terrible assistant. Come on Microsoft, make the next great thing, make phones obsolete so we can move on from the collapsing Apple empire.


    1. You’re delusional, my friend. Microsoft makes the most insanely bug riddled garbage in the industry. I’m still dealing with bugs in Windows that have gone unpatched for 20 years.

  4. That’s a bug? I thought they were just sloppy programmers. I’ve seen several things along those lines in macOS (Sierra) lately. They think the display is so fast that no one will catch it, or the programmers just don’t care.

    1. It’s an undesirable attribute; It matters no what people name it. It matters only that it makes Apple look lazy or careless which is one of the last things that Apple wants for a reputation that touts premium goods and services that Apple enthusiasts expect always.

  5. Boy, its amazing how people love to talk scrap about IOS 11,
    but I must say I have not run into any situation that has stoped me from using any feature. Would be nice if these bugs could be listed so I can check them out…..that would be better than a universal statement….

    1. Exactly. The only people screaming about so-called iOS bugs are Apple haters who don’t own any Apple products and bloggers who are hunting for clicks by creating controversy where none exists.

      1. Again I point out – you are wrong.

        There are more opinions in the world than yours – just because you don’t mind shitty programming doesn’t mean others don’t as well.

      2. True. The only thing missing from that screed was calling Apple doomed or beleaguered. There are people who say the glass is 99.99% full and those who say it is 0.01% empty.

  6. The employees just do not give a F what Tim has to say, or what he and his handpicked, overpaid, management staff are about. They are all very intelligent, to be sure, but leaders? I have not seen the proof.

  7. Another sky is falling article on Apple. I have been around far too many decades to fall for the Chicken Little bait click articles. Apple has always had room to improve. And operating systems tend to follow cycles of growth and buggy bloat followed by consolidation and cleanup.

    If you are looking for reasons to drop Apple/iOS/macOS, then jump to Windows/Linux and Android whenever you please. If Apple does not address your bug reports and clean things up, then that is justice. Personally, my Apple experience continues to be fine, in general. I have experienced some app crashes – mostly Apple News – more frequently than in the past. That is an occasional annoyance, but not enough to get me riled up.

  8. “What’s doubly embarrassing for Apple is that Mayo says that he reported this bug ‘months ago’ and Apple closed the bug report.”

    Sounds familiar, a few times over. *grumble*

    In contrast, I’m working on a potentially dangerous bug in Firefox with the folks at Mozilla. They’ve swiftly responded, which of course provides me with an incentive to further test the potential problem AND to provide bug reports in the future.

    Apple?! You’re out of touch with the bug reporting process. Wake The Hell Up!

    We helpful producer/protector types don’t actually want or enjoy praise. But we damned well require respect and cooperation. Duh. (o_0)

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