PC Magazine: Apple’s iPhone X is fastest ever tested, reliable, convenient; the most exciting iPhone in years

“No phone has received as much attention this year as the iPhone X, and while some of this is due to the phone’s high price point, the iPhone X does live up to the hype; after using it for the past few weeks, I’ve been particularly impressed by its face detection and improved camera,” Michael J. Miller writes for PC Magazine. “Enough with the headphone jack Despite a couple of misses — I would still like to see a headphone jack — the iPhone X has proven to be fast, reliable, convenient, and probably the most exciting iPhone in years.”

“With the X, you’re getting a display almost as large as the 8 Plus (bigger diagonal dimension, but smaller area), but in a notably smaller, lighter, and easier to carry package,” Miller writes. “The iPhone X is also the first iPhone with an AMOLED display. I have found such displays to be bright and vibrant on the Samsung line for the past several years, and Apple’s implementation is at least as good.”

MacDailyNews Take: Actually, it’s markedly better. Samsung’s displays are poorly-calibrated, inaccurate cartoons in comparison. Anyone who equates Apple’s OLED implementation with Samsung’s is blind. That, or they’re the type who pumps the saturation up to 100 on every snapshot thinking that makes them a “photographer.” Neither reality nor quality displays are colored like a Lichtenstein.

See: DisplayMate: Apple’s iPhone X has the most color accurate display we’ve ever measured; it is visually indistinguishable from perfect – November 8, 2017

Apple's iPhone X has the most innovative and high performance smartphone display that DisplayMate has ever tested
Apple’s iPhone X has the most innovative and high performance smartphone display that DisplayMate has ever tested

“The display looks very nice from any angle, and holds up well in bright sunlight,” Miller writes. “The iPhone X’s display tends more toward warmer colors compared with Samsung, but both displays are excellent.”

MacDailyNews Take: Like we said: Blind. And, also ignorant of True Tone, obviously, and quite possibly Night Shift, as well. The iPhone X’s display is significantly more natural and accurate compared with Samsung or any other company’s displays.

“In general, I was quite pleased with the photos I took on the iPhone X,” Miller writes. “As with most of the modern, top-end phones, outdoor photographs in bright light look great, and even photos taken in lower light… look pretty nice.”

MacDailyNews Take: Pump up the saturation, Matt! You’ll love ’em all then.

Miller writes, “Overall, the photos I’ve taken with the iPhone X are simply the best smartphone images I’ve seen.”

MacDailyNews Take: Thanks to iPhone X’s dead-accurate display, Miller’s eyesight – and taste – are already improving!

If you truly care about great photography, you own an iPhone.Vic Gundotra, Former Google Senior Vice President

“The iPhone X, like the iPhone 8, has the new Apple A11 Bionic processor, with two high-performance ARM cores and four more-efficient ARM cores, along with an area Apple describes as a neural engine and a much faster GPU. In PCMag’s tests, these are the fastest phones yet tested. In the real world, the iPhone X seemed very fast and responsive,” Miller writes. “The iPhone X is also water resistant, which is very nice. But like the iPhone 7 and 8 series — and the more recent Google Pixel – it lacks a headphone jack. I have wireless headphones and they work fine, but particularly on long flights when I worry about battery life, I find myself using the awkward dongle Apple includes to connect more traditional headphones.”

MacDailyNews Take: Plug the dongle onto your headphones. Leave it there. It’s no more awkward than the effing cord already hanging off your headphones.

“Not only has the iPhone X done away with the home button, it also removes the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, in favor of a new Face ID face detection system,” Miller writes. “In my own use, it’s been incredibly accurate, and the feature works in all sorts of lighting conditions, whether I have my glasses on or off. I’ve also found it to be fast and reliable — much better than the face recognition that Samsung offers on its Galaxy S8 series.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Enough with the headphone jack whining; it’s not coming back.

The quest by reviewers — who either use dog-slow Android phones or have to pretend that they do as per their publication — to come up negatives with iPhone has been reduced to whining about a wired audio jack and concocting “awkwardness” where there is none.

In a nutshell: You’d have to be terminally stupid to saddle yourself with a $1,000 non-Apple iPhone.

With each passing year, and especially with iPhone X, it becomes increasingly clear – even to the Android settlers – that the competition has no chance of even remotely keeping up against Apple’s unmatched vertically integrated one-two punch of custom software and custom hardware. The Android to iPhone upgrade train just turned onto a long straightaway, engines stoked, primed to barrel away! — MacDailyNews, September 13, 2017

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        1. Functionally the X does absolutely nothing that any other current iPhone cannot do. With less overhead, the 8 and 8+ are actually faster than the X. Many people strongly prefer the speed of touchID for using Apple Pay as well.

          Of course , Apple is. Very. happy to have cheerleaders like MDN incessantly attempt to convince everyone that the upsell to the glamour model will make them happier. It won’t.

          Fanboys, stick to reality. The X hype isn’t real anywhere except these circle jerk forums. Nobody in the real world gives a shit how you unlock your “pocket computer”.

      1. If you have an iPad you will use your iPhone much less. If you have a laptop Mac the same is true.

        I realize there are millions who do not have an iPad or a Mac, but have an iPhone, but most people do not want to squint at a tiny screen. Doing some things on an iPhone versus a Mac is kind of like driving a tricycle to work when you have a Porsche in the garage. Using an iPad is like riding a kiddie bike with training wheels.

  1. The iPhone X is an incredible device that certainly lives up to its hype, and is well worth the premium price… the product speaks for itself… any rumors of limited sales are clearly stock price manipulation.

  2. PC Magazine says it’s a nice smartphone but there are those who say the iPhone X is an overpriced smartphone with no worthwhile innovation and certainly won’t drive Apple’s share price any higher. It appears to me the latter definition is winning out over the former.

    How can it be said that the iPhone is a clear winner over Android smartphones? That is certainly not the general consensus. Apple is not a clear-cut winner of anything when compared to any of the FANG stocks. Apple is always considered to be in a dangerous situation when it comes to value. Apple is the only major tech stock said to be fading in 2018 while the FANG stocks are being valued to go much higher.

    Apple is sitting on a mountain of cash and it doesn’t seem to be doing anything to add more value to the company. It’s time Apple stopped putting effort only into the iPhone and start diversifying their product lineup to boost revenue. The smartphone market is saturated and yet Apple continues to raise iPhone prices. It’s only helping other Android manufacturers to sell more smartphones while decreasing Apple’s market share percentage. Wall Street will continue to punish Apple shareholders based on just this one metric.

    I may be wrong but this is how I see it and so does Wall Street. Already the Samsung Galaxy S9 and its variations are being touted as being much better than iPhone X. It seems so easy for Samsung to release a new smartphone every few months to surpass Apple’s iPhone.

      1. Too lazy to post these charts, fanboy? Show us why spending a premium of several hundred dollars versus other iPhones is a smart purchase. You can’t. It all comes down to you cheerleaders bragging that you got the latest and most expensive shiny object that Apple released. Big fucking deal. It isn’t a top seller because it does nothing any other iPhone doesn’t already do just as well.

    1. Look, from a hardware point of view, the iPhone is less hardware versatile, coming from a single vendor with a singular (limited) design outlook. I will for now ignore the ecosystem and it’s draconian control.

      If Apple really were that innovative, as much as the mind share would have us believe, then how could anyone usurp them so easily? You complain about the press “bringing Apple down”, but they also “keep Apple up”. It’s all spin…!

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